4 Tips To Attract Young Talent To BPO Companies in India
4 Tips To Attract Young Talent To BPO Companies in India
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Recruits aged 18-30 years form the bedrock of modern businesses. Consequently, the demand for young talents is ever on the rise. A majority of BPO companies in India is ever on the lookout for fresh minds that have it in them to offer the best services. At the same time, it is equally important to note that businesses too must act responsibly to churn the best out of its recruits. The following are four tips to winning the finest talents from across the country.

1.Exploit Technology

With the proliferation of social media across the length and breadth of the communications industry, it is far more convenient today for major brands to recruit fresh minds. According to expert advisors, social media content is one of the most pivotal requisites to win young minds.

The modern Indian young spend most of their time on social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are no other means to reach them. Therefore, it is important to exploit these avenues as much as possible.

2. Look for Referrals

The best way to drive referrals is to invest in your extant employee base. Referrals are one of the most important means employed by BPO outlets in India to attract young talents.

Also known as internal marketing, harvesting a considerable amount of referrals within the company is lucrative in more ways than one. While external promotion is a tactic employed by brands, small and large alike, internal promotions are equally beneficial.

According to researchers, referrals have emerged as the number one method of attracting raw minds. Therefore, make sure to use your current employee base as meticulously as possible.

3.Adapt to the Dynamics of the Young

As mentioned at the outset, it is equally crucial for companies to act responsibly while on the hunt for talents. In other words, make sure the workplace is engaging enough for young minds to feel at home.

Across the world, modern offices have taken up innovative means of attracting recruits. For instance, the inclusion of cozy bean bags, happy hours, HMO coverage for LGBT employees, wellness coaches and MMA fighting sessions, have made it all the more fascinating for young employees. The current generation is particularly keen on the ethic of balance. Accordingly, make sure that the work-culture is flexible and adaptable.

4.Introduce Recruits to your Brand

For a successful induction, it is important for recruits to be thoroughly acquainted with the specifics of your brand. A general trend nowadays is the inclusion of a motivational video session while employees are being inducted into the fold of the brand.

Apart from that, it is important to familiarize new employees with your brand. Present them your ethics, values and work culture. Also, a brief history of your brand is equally commendable.

As mentioned at the outset, the modern world is overflowing with young potential. At Met Technologies, we believe in nurturing promising young minds towards a successful rendition of global technology.

MET Technologies is to acquire positive business driven outputs and quality solutions for each and every client.

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