A Comparative Analysis among the Posts of UX Designer, UX Analyst and UX Architect
A Comparative Analysis among the Posts of UX Designer, UX Analyst and UX Architect
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Most often people get confused with the terms of UX designer, UX architect and UX analyst. The designations seem to be similar but there is a huge difference in the actual roles played by the respective post holders. A deeper analysis will help us to understand the roles in a better way.

Role played by a UX designer

A UX designer is a creatively driven person who can represent the website vision through his sense of creativity thereby giving an ideal user experience aimed for the target audience.

The UX designer has to take care of the website design structure and the flow so that the user would not have any issues with the navigation. Along with this, the UX designer has to keep intact the aesthetic beauty of the UI.

When we talk about user experience, it encompasses everything. It takes an entire experience to be created comprising of the complete journey while the user goes through the user interface.

Role played by a UX analyst

As the name suggests, the UX analyst shoulders the responsibility of requirement analysis of the client. In addition, the users’ behaviour should be incorporated within the designing parameter of the user interface.

Any website UI that is intended for the users should keep in mind their liking and disliking for building a design that would most likely be applauded by the audience. Thus, the UX strategist or the analyst has a very significant task to do.

In bigger business houses, there is a clear job division and separate UX analysts are recruited to complete the jobs. However, in smaller enterprises, the UX analyst may be allocated with the job of designing a particular section of the website.

Role played by a UX architect

The role of a UX architect is separate from an analyst or a designer.

He may be directly or indirectly involved in giving realisation to a user experience however he is responsible to give a meaningful presentation of data and organizational structure at the website but from the users’ perspective.

It may sound easier, but it requires a lot of effort on the part of the architect. The architect also performs the duty of an analyst for ensuring that all the user requirements are completely met while he presents the information.

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