A Digital Marketer’s Guide to the Job trends of 2017
A Digital Marketer’s Guide to the Job trends of 2017
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Restricting your horizon will lead you to decay and a thorough knowledge of all the fields is necessary to be a digital marketing pro and gain a firm hold in the industry.In-Depth knowledge in the following  fields is necessary in order to succeed in this field.  For 2017’s Digital Marketing  Job Trends: What Does it Mean for Your Digital Marketing Career? You can refer to the following points

Analysis of data- It is important to be aware of the prevalent trends in business and analyse the data properly in order to frame a convincing digital marketing strategy. Without the analysis of data, there will be no defined target group, hence no marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing- It is important to identify the target audience of the various social media channels in order to create engaging posts. You should be well versed with the basic features of the platforms in order to use them efficiently.

E-Mail Marketing: E-mail marketing is one of the direct means of tapping the attention of the potential customers. It is still a crucial part of digital marketing and one of the most efficient means of reaching out to your existing customer base and converting the potential ones. 

Search Engine Optimisation:  SEO is an essential skill of digital marketing.  It is a huge field that encompasses a number areas like creating a technically sound website, pertinent content and linking
Search Engine Marketing: In digital campaigns, the marketers look for the most widely searched terms and use them in paid search.Paid search has also expanded to areas like Google Display Network and social media ads. on channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Use of advanced tools: It is important to be informed about the latest tools and platforms for marketing.  For instance, you need to be aware of tools like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor for e-mail marketing.  Adobe Creative suite or editing software like Canva can help you to design creatives. 

Online Certifications: A number of self-paced courses on digital marketing are available online. Many of the sites also give you a certificate post completion, which you can showcase in your portfolio or professional networking sites. 
The digital marketing industry is growing at an appreciable rate. In order to thrive, you need assets that employers will recognise instantly and value them. There is a need to have a thorough knowledge of all the areas in order to flourish as a digital marketer. 

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