A Frenzy Party at MET to Celebrate the Completion of 2000 Days:
A Frenzy Party at MET to Celebrate the Completion of 2000 Days:
15th Mar 2016 No Comments

Finally we accomplished our dream to create an awesome party at MET. The party was thrown in the gala evening of 28th February to celebrate the completion of 2000 days. We waited for long time to participate in this grand party. It was a great, memorable event to remain alive in the heart of Metosphere members forever. Conducting an office party is a great job and our entire team has shown their dedication to complete the whole task. It was a spellbound arrangement for MET members.

Let’s have a glimpse of Metosphere 2016 gala party

Selection of venue :                                                     

Metosphere 2016 office party was successfully thrown on 28th February at P.C. Chandra Garden. The venue was decorated with attractive banner designs, standee etc. Party ambience was perfectly embellished for full enjoyment and we had a great entertainment. Members of MET technologies were present there to participate in this gorgeous party evening. We had a splendid experience at that night.

Music and dance performance : 

Office party is meant for fun and each individual arrangement in the party was perfect. Music and dance performance had taken place on the stage to enhance the creative part of MET members. After a long time performance, prize distribution program had started to captivate the glamorous night. The best employee award and other awards are given to the nominated and eligible MET members. Finally the stage performance ends with cutting of the cake and with the speech of our Managing Director Mr. Kunal Gupta. With completion of 2000 days, the journey starts to extend the constraint of company.

Arrangement of DJ : 

DJ was arranged to rock on the dance floor. With arrangement of colourful lighting and proper sound system, the party atmosphere had become more charming and mind-blowing. The members in a party were mesmerized by awesome party atmosphere. Music rhythm had motivated the MET members to dance on the floor.

Food arrangement :                                                                                           

Quality of food was awesome. Each veg and non-veg item was very delicious. The most appropriate food and drink item was selected to enrich the party entertainment. We enjoyed the taste of each items very much. Flavor and taste of multiple food items had made the enjoyment of Metosphere party double. Mouth watering deserts were there to complete the dinner properly. In a way the event had given proper finishing touch with addition of some of these delicious food items.


Photography session to frame the night :

Photography session was taken to frame the evening forever. It also highlighted the total ambience of gala night. An auspicious night of 28th February works like an inspiration for MET members and they have taken an oath to work more dedicatedly and passionately to achieve an ultimate goal of success.

It was a great entertaining party for us where we all had gathered to make our journey for MET more successful. The party was thrown at MET to celebrate the completion of 2000 days. MET achieved its ultimate level of success during those days with a strong determination. After the party, only a sweet memory left in our heart to recapitulate the moments again and again.

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