Attrition; How to deal with it?
Attrition; How to deal with it?
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Attrition can be defined as “the decrease in the number of employees through retirement, resignation or death”. All of us strive for happiness and it is pivotal to be happy in the place where we have to spend a greater part of the day. It is indeed a luxury to get to do what you love in a country with the population of 1.21 billion(2011 Census). The challenge lies in tracing out the thing that will keep you happy.

Attrition is one of the major concerns in the BPO industry and business owners are continuously trying to invent ways by which they can retain people in the job. For Best BPOs in Australia and BPO services in the UK, you can look up the net to trace out the best options.

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As per the survey conducted by LinkedIn in 2015, the sole reason due to which people change jobs is for career advancement. Discontentment with the leadership of the senior management was another reason due to which people changed their jobs. Some of the key employee retention strategies have been listed below:

Reports show that the ‘Hidden Gems’ section of Zomato is clicked by the most number of people. Just like Zomato handpicks the restaurants on the basis of their potential, you need to work with the HR and line managers to find out the people who can really be beneficial for your brand and act accordingly.

Managers and supervisors who try to exert control over all aspects of the organisation should definitely be removed. A leader should work with the team and not make people work. When management grows harsh on the employees, they often lack the motivation to perform well and eventually leave the organisation. There is no point in being overly strict as that will literally coerce the employees to leave.

Food, clothing and shelter are the three basic concerns of humans. Apart from these, health also plays an important role. It is vital to provide certain perks to your employees like allowances for housing, transport and medical insurance as these will make your employees feel that you care about them and appreciate their efforts.

Make sure that your workplace is not grimy, noisy or dark as these will have a negative impact on your employees as nobody wants to work in an unproductive environment. It is necessary to provide the basic amenities to your employees and treat them with respect.

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