Busting the BPO Myths
Busting the BPO Myths
20th Jul 2017 No Comments

Improving the customer experience is central to the development of any industry. Presently, consumers are more aware of the technologies they own and access every day. They are much more demanding and grumble when their products or applications do not work in the desired manner. For top BPO companies in Australia, Business Process Outsourcing Company Uk, browse the net.

The following BPO trends will serve as a guide and bust the prevalent myths associated with BPOs.

Consumers are calling the shots in the buyer-seller relationship. They no longer limit themselves to the words of the salesperson. E-commerce sites and global logistics have made the game easier for the consumers.  It’s the age of Omni channel, people are picking up things from online or offline stores. The benefits include a noteworthy experience for the customers, stronger relationships, loyalty, better opportunities and greater revenues.

Support agents and teams have been using computing devices and phones to monitor usage, solve problems, configure.

Organisations are spending a lot of money to obtain the voice of the customer (VoC). The way they are gathering the VoC data and using the insights matters a lot. Points to measure:

1. Customers’ enthusiasm to give a response on their terms.

2. Paying heed to the voice of the employee (VoE): How staff engages with customers impacts the VoC. VoE surveys and quality monitoring can uncover issues that cause unsatisfactory CXs or discover ideas that improve them.

3. Surpassing the normal course of surveys to accumulate VoC: They have started to gather and assimilate customer feedback from multiple channels, company interactions, conversations, transactions, loyalty card use, and store and website visits.

4. Complexity and value of social feedback: Social listening quickly detects issue firestorms, product ideas, and sales opportunities. But the channel also provides dynamic, incisive, real-time, and often (but not always) authentic VoC. They are driven by the topics customers are most motivated to comment on.

BPOs offering telecom, financial, customer care and online educational services are thriving in the field of outsourcing.  You just need to see whether the BPO team has able professionals to deliver quality services to you on time. It is also important to inspect whether the BPO follows the best practices prevailing in the industry and their method of work is availed and trusted upon by a pool of clients across the globe.


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