Call Centre Trends that will rule in the year 2017
Call Centre Trends that will rule in the year 2017
28th Jun 2017 No Comments

Call center and customer experience landscape saw major changes in 2016. Virtual agents and cloud communications ruled over the minds and social media grew more important than ever. In 2017, a number of big names have introduced a new model in order to improve the customer experience. Some of the major trends that are dominating the BPO sector are as follows:

Communicating with the customers on a regular basis is important. Omnichannel is the latest mantra, now communication is not done through just one channel. A muti-channel environment is pivotal to keep the customers happy. Outsource your call center operations to a trustworthy partner in case you do not have the resources to manage it.

Companies are looking forward to keeping their information on the cloud. This will lead to an increase in the number of virtual call centers. Organizations that use cloud to store call center operations will largely benefit from the flexibility of operation, speedy delivery, and ease of scalability.

Most of the e-commerce companies have switched on to video chat as a part of their call center operations. This is an easy and affordable way to help your customers. Video chat can personalize the entire experience for the customers. This is one of the most noteworthy trends in call center industry.

Social media platforms are a great way to connect with your customers. Presence in social media is considered to be a must today. The social center wing should employ an effective strategy to make people aware of their products. They can also place in personalized experiences to engage the audience.

The demand for performance management system is on a rise. Companies are eager to get a comprehensive view of the way their call center division is performing. This is central because in this way organizations will be able to increase the productivity of their staff.

Organizations are employing a lesser number of vendors. They are trying to consolidate their list and trying to work with outsourcing firms that provide a host of services under one roof. At the same time, companies are also making an attempt to accustom the calling agents to different cultures around the world. This will help the agents to build up better relations with the customer spread across the globe.

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