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Challenges Faced by the BPO Industry
14th Apr 2017 No Comments

Indian BPO industry has been growing in leaps and bounds. In the past few years, this industry has grown by 14% and produced a revenue of 14.1 billion USD. Researchers say that the growth rate will triple in the years to come.  Out of the multiple options available in Kolkata, we are regarded to be the best BPO company in Kolkata. We went to the leading BPO companies in India and they made us aware of the issues plaguing India’s BPO industry.

Employee Attrition

This is one of the major issues in this sector. Youngsters are more keen towards managing things and do not want to work under someone else. They do not want to wait to reach a higher post and frequently change in order increase their pay packages.


Call centres have to equip themselves with latest software and tools to manage various tasks. An agent nowadays has to work on more than ten different tools at the same time. As the process has become complicated, agents find it difficult to tackle so much single-handedly.
Opposition Against Outsourcing

Indian BPO industry has been facing strong opposition from UK labour unions and US politicians who insist on not shifting the work to Indian companies. Donald Trump’s protectionist policies have tremendously affected the contemporary outsourcing trends.

Health Issues

This is also one of the major concerns that should be addressed. When people work in night shifts at a stretch they face serious health problems like Insomnia and hypertension. After being in the BPO industry for some time, people find it difficult to change their domain as the altered biological clock makes it difficult for them to venture in any other sector.

Multiple channels of Communication

Nowadays, there are multiple channels of communication. Apart from the conventional mediums like call and mail, social media is also used to send in messages. This creates a problem as call centre employees cannot decide on which channel to concentrate on.

Organisational Structure

The organisational structure of the call centres is mostly horizontal.  As the growth stagnates beyond a certain point, the leading performers get demoralised, that ultimately hinders the growth of the organisation.

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