Close More Deals in Less Time
Close More Deals in Less Time
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Whether it’s marketing a product or a service, the goal and objective and indeed purpose obviously is to achieve a high conversion. Simply put, lead generation in the form of cold calls and follow-ups from time to time ideally ought to produce results in the form of leads converting to prospects and suspects and ultimately to customers.  The entire process is effectively managed by online CRM software

With online CRM software or cloud-based CRM follow-up calls for example can be scheduled to alert the user as to the upcoming date and time of a call to a lead. There would typically be high volume of leads and the responses of leads to follow-up calls are tracked in the CRM as being either cold, warm or hot. 

Accordingly, leads can be filtered by the CRM and alerting the marketing and sales department to follow-up only on the leads that are warm or hot as the likelihood of the leads converting to customers are relatively high. Hence, with online CRM software a huge number of deals can be closed within a short time as the marketing and sales department wouldn’t have to put their time and effort on leads that have a slim chance of converting. 

There are several campaigns that online CRM software runs as well and they target niche markets. The campaigns include broadcast campaign, email campaign and so on. Through a broadcast campaign prospective customers are targeted while through an email campaign bulk emails are sent to leads and prospects based on their response to cold calls. The results of the campaigns can be tracked through online CRM software analytics which is a graphical representation of data in terms of the results of an on-going campaign.

Whether it’s Siebel CRM or any other off-the-shelf CRM, the primary purpose is to close deals within a short turnaround time. Any online CRM software would be equipped with email feature to send emails to leads and prospects to keep them updated about product updates and how the lead or prospect would be benefited. Through cross-selling the objective is to educate and engage an existing or prospective customer on product updates so that the customer would perhaps want to know more about product upgrades.

Online CRM software is as much about generating leads and following-up on them as it’s about retention of existing customers through regular emails apprising them of product updates. While a CRM captures leads and prospects, a ERP’s sales module seamlessly integrates with the CRM to import customers from the CRM. 

Separating the wheat from the chaff as it were by online CRM software has far-reaching effects in closing deals quickly as more time and effort is put into chasing ‘hot’ leads and finally converting them to customers. Online CRM software has opt-in forms which pop-up as soon as a user would log in. The purpose of this opt-in form is to capture data in relation to their contact details which is another way of generating lead and contact the leads to gauge whether it’s a cold, warm or hot lead and accordingly follow-up with them.

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