Rio Olympics: Biggest Sporting Event Integrated with Humane Touch
Rio Olympics: Biggest Sporting Event Integrated with Humane Touch
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31st Summer Olympics Games began in Rio amidst thunderous applause on August 5th, 2016. Opening ceremony itself harbingered fresh air of change with focus on climate change. How Brazil has handled this immense event demands praise. It did not let a series of economic and political turmoil to mar the Olympics not to forget about its effective control of Zica virus. Eleven thousand five hundred and fifty one athletes participated from 207 countries. In total 306 sporting events on 28 different categories would be conducted.

Refugee Olympic Team – the First of its Kind Participation

Change is in the air and participation of 10 sports people sans boundary of any particular country ushers a new era. These athletes competed under the Olympics Flag with ROT country code. This contingent garnered huge applause from audience when it marched through the podium. Just like stress on climate change, ROT brought light upon one of the most pertinent issues of war that is worldwide refugee crisis.

History Created by the Baltimore Bullet

Thirty one years old swimming legend Michael Phelps has already created a history by winning 5 gold medals and a silver in Rio raising his individual record to 23 Olympic gold medals. Interestingly Phelps was beaten in Men’s 100 mts butterfly event by his fanboy Joseph Schooling of Singapore bringing in the first Gold medal for the country.

Sensational Produnova Expert from India

Young and budding Dipa Karmakar has made a sensational entry in artistic gymnastics and sports enthusiasts were especially impressed with her expertise to execute the ‘vault of death’. She ended her journey with a 4th place haul in the final vault event however, she won the hearts of billions back in her home.

A New World Record Created in 10,000 mts

Ethiopian Almaz Ayana has won the 10,000 mts track and field event with effortless grace and stunned the world with setting a new world record. She finished the event in 29 minutes, 17.45, bettering the earlier record by 14.33 seconds. The earlier record was set in the year 1993 by Chinese Wang Junxia. The long gap of years has increased the charm of wining the laurel.

First Arab Woman Winning a Medal in Weightlifting

Sara Ahmed won a bronze medal in 69 kg weight category for Egypt. She became the first woman to win an Olympics medal for Egypt and in the category of weightlifting for the entire Arab world. She participated in the event wearing full-body unitard and hijab.

Rio Olympics logo visually displayed its people’s love for life and sports. Combination of yellow, blue and green celebrated its colourful environment. Undoubtedly, such symbolic representation placed the spirit of Olympics in best possible light. Olympics venue is the meeting point of various cultures. Unity in diversity is its primary motto and Rio Olympics Games is its true portrayal.

" Good Luck INDIA.. for the RIO Olympics 2016 "

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