‘Rishta’ – Best Performers for the year 2016
‘Rishta’ – Best Performers for the year 2016
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MET-Technologies Pvt Ltd. is a reputed name in the world of outsourcing. Website development, design and app development are latest ventures propagated by the company. All the service departments are performing in outstanding manner and the company is committed to take the employee causes with 100% seriousness.

MET-Technologies Pvt Ltd. believes in forging family bonding in between the management and its employees. ‘Rishta’ is a unique policy undertaken by the company to see into the matters of employee benefits. As is understood by the underlying meaning of the term ‘Rishta’, the healthy management-employee bonding is the main focus point of the entire concept.

An employee becomes eligible to avail the benefits of the ‘Rishta’ policy after successfully completing his/her probation period of 6 months. Best performers among the confirmed employees receive high incentives and a hike in the rank. MET-Technologies Pvt Ltd. believes in sharing its success among its employees.

That is why, the management always ensures to roll out the policies that would encourage the employees to better perform. ‘Rishta’ is a highly successful policy rolled out by the company. Based on certain eligibility criteria, the company employees are evaluated. Recently the best performers for the year 2016 have been declared. Mr. Abishek Sircar has been awarded with 5 stars, which is the highest recognition for best performance and compliance. Names of 4 other star winners are Mr. Roger Thomas, Mr. Rajiv Koiri, Mr. Kaustav Bose, Miss Priyanka Guha and Mr. Amber Chetri. All of the mentioned employees have won 4 stars. Behind the roll out of the ‘Rishta’ policy, there are certain goals. The focus is zoomed in upon the professional bonding, team spirit, 100% employee satisfaction, commitment and prosperity of the employee as well as the company.

In addition with providing all types of facilities, MET-Technologies Pvt Ltd. ensures healthy office environment. The management discourages petty politics in the office. Various social events are organised to spread friendly bonding among the employees. Intra-office cricket matches are organised. As India is a multi-religious country, several festivals are celebrated in the office thus propagating harmony among employees belonging to different religions.


MET Technologies is to acquire positive business driven outputs and quality solutions for each and every client.

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