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Future of Outsourcing in India

India presently occupies the top slot in the field of Business Process Outsourcing(BPO). However, it is doubtful how long will it be able to hold on to the spot as the smaller nations like the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and other East European nations are eating up the share. Bangladesh is the latest addition to the league. As resources are available a cheap rate in the above-mentioned countries they are making a tremendous effort to increase their share in the global BPO market. The aspirations of the small countries have led to their stupendous growth. To know about best BPO companies or top BPO companies in Australia, you can refer to the recognised journals and reports.

Time will say whether India will be able to sustain in this competition and maintain its position in the global market. The leading nations are India, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brazil and Indonesia. China is leading the low-value services sector, whereas the Philippines leads the financial services division. It is also gaining projects in the fields of voice-based support, engineering and legal BPO. The gaming and animation services are taken care of mostly by Malaysia. Around 2% of financial services and voice related work have been transferred from India to the Philippines. Another 2%  has gone to the European nations.

India will continue to dominate the BPM space but there are reasons why the US and rest of the global firms will turn towards other destinations along with India.

For voice-based work, the Philippines is the preferred option due to a better voice/accent environment, though the services are costlier there. In a few cases, close proximity and time zones advantage near shore locations is chosen over India. Many firms believe that they are too depended on India, that might prove to be harmful to them in the case of natural disasters or massive currency swings.

Experts claim that it is true that a few nations like Mexico, Costa Rica, Europe and Poland have taken some share from India but the gains will level off as the resources are pricey than in India.

As per NASSCOM, around 1.1 million people work in Indian BPM industry. More than 500 companies in India are giving outsourcing services in 35 languages to more than 66 countries.

India’s position is eroding primarily because of two reasons: cost and niche expertise. The Philippines is known for its customer service delivery; Eastern Europe excels in IT and China in programming.

Points To Remember:

India is the leader in BPM industry with 36% global share.

Around 1.1 million people are a part of BPM industry in India.

Around 200 MNCs are operational outside India in this industry.

During the current fiscal 2016-17, Indian BPM industry has grown at a rate of 8.1%. (at $28 billion)

In 2015-16, global industry recorded a growth 3.1%. (at $186 billion)

It is projected that Indian BPM industry will grow at a rate of 8-10% and yield $54 billion by 2025.
















Busting the BPO Myths

Improving the customer experience is central to the development of any industry. Presently, consumers are more aware of the technologies they own and access every day. They are much more demanding and grumble when their products or applications do not work in the desired manner. For top BPO companies in Australia, Business Process Outsourcing Company Uk, browse the net.

The following BPO trends will serve as a guide and bust the prevalent myths associated with BPOs.

Consumers are calling the shots in the buyer-seller relationship. They no longer limit themselves to the words of the salesperson. E-commerce sites and global logistics have made the game easier for the consumers.  It’s the age of Omni channel, people are picking up things from online or offline stores. The benefits include a noteworthy experience for the customers, stronger relationships, loyalty, better opportunities and greater revenues.

Support agents and teams have been using computing devices and phones to monitor usage, solve problems, configure.

Organisations are spending a lot of money to obtain the voice of the customer (VoC). The way they are gathering the VoC data and using the insights matters a lot. Points to measure:

1. Customers’ enthusiasm to give a response on their terms.

2. Paying heed to the voice of the employee (VoE): How staff engages with customers impacts the VoC. VoE surveys and quality monitoring can uncover issues that cause unsatisfactory CXs or discover ideas that improve them.

3. Surpassing the normal course of surveys to accumulate VoC: They have started to gather and assimilate customer feedback from multiple channels, company interactions, conversations, transactions, loyalty card use, and store and website visits.

4. Complexity and value of social feedback: Social listening quickly detects issue firestorms, product ideas, and sales opportunities. But the channel also provides dynamic, incisive, real-time, and often (but not always) authentic VoC. They are driven by the topics customers are most motivated to comment on.

BPOs offering telecom, financial, customer care and online educational services are thriving in the field of outsourcing.  You just need to see whether the BPO team has able professionals to deliver quality services to you on time. It is also important to inspect whether the BPO follows the best practices prevailing in the industry and their method of work is availed and trusted upon by a pool of clients across the globe.


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The latest kid on the block, Google’s Fred Algorithm update

Google is not at all vocal about the changes they make to their algorithm, however, on 8th March 2017, a huge number of website owners and digital marketing agencies witnessed significant changes in the traffic and rankings of the sites. Digital marketing strategies are continuously changing and digital marketers around the world are obsessing over the punishments by Fred update.

What is The Fred Algorithm update?

Barry Schwartz, the CEO of RustyBrick and the founder of Search Engine Roundtable clearly related his findings on Fred update in a blog post. The update was confirmed by Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes.

Fred Algorithm update



















Google did not really explain the change but Barry studied the seventy affected sites and his findings were:

  • Sites were all content based but not a single one had relevant and informative content.
  • Numerous ads were placed on each of the sites.

One thing is pretty clear; most of the sites hit by Fred were created with the sole aim of generating revenue from ads.

As per StatCounter, the site owners should use a spam tool checker and remove all the doubtful links. The “good” backlinks should appear rationally and in reasonable volumes. At the same time, the low-quality pages should immediately be worked on by adding or rewriting the content.

BPO companies in Australia were hit by this update. In fact, the Best BPOs in Australia complained that their sites did go down on 8th of March.

How to avoid the Fred penalty?

Google has always been a great advocate of quality content and this isn’t the first time it has rolled out an update to penalise low-quality websites. The best way by which you can heal the scars is by focusing on curating in-depth, authoritative content for your site. Update the old content and obey the latest quality guideline of Google. Follow the webmaster guidelines strictly and keep the black hat techniques out of your To-Do list.

Content is the King, Creative is the queen

Digital marketers are aware of the importance of creating quality content but often time is a barrier. As per Pam Dinder’s post in Content Marketing Institute, Compelling content is king, and creative development is queen, and the royal couple requires cultivation and time”. In order to increase the productivity of the Content team, follow the process stated below:

  • Define the objectives of the campaign.
  • Brief the creative team and the content writers thoroughly.
  • Prepare three to five options and sit with the team to decide upon the final one.

It is not really an easy task to maintain the creative quotient while producing commercially viable content. A brainstorming session can help you to get a list of trending topics, which your content team can work on. Forceful insertion of keywords will ruin the article, hence one should not use more than 2% keywords in the content. Google treats each page of your website as a separate entity; hence the content you have already used in a particular page of your website should not be replicated in any other page.

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