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How The BPO Industry Putting An Impact On Indian Economy

In India, the BPO or more precisely, the software industry has boosted the Indian economy largely. This sector is creating jobs for millions of people worldwide. As per the latest data, the BPO sector provides direct employment to about 2 million people and has created indirect employment opportunities to 8 million people. A reputed BPO service provider in India has a huge impact on the economic growth of the company. Keeping in mind all these facts, this blog will tell you how the ITES or BPO providers are helping to boost up the Indian economy.

The BPO companies are narrowing down the Geographical barriers. It is seen that through the BPO sector, the social stature of India has improved to a greater extent. The domestic call centers have put the name of India on top of the global Map. This sector has largely contributed to the nation’s growth and it is transforming within a short time. This sector is just 30 years old and has been the major driving force to a large section of employment. Met Technologies is one such reputed BPO service provider in India that has employed a large section of people throughout the country.

Growth in the Indian Economy

The call centers in India have made a sustainable and long-lasting impact on the overall growth of the economy of the country within the last 10 years. This sector has empowered diverse human resources. As per the study conducted by the NASSCOM, this sector is still in the nascent stage. It is constantly looking for ways of improvement.

Higher Employment Opportunities

As the ITES or BPO sector is booming, more and more employment opportunities are coming in front. This is reducing the problem of unemployment in India to a greater extent. Even the person who has just completed the college life can join in the BPO sector and earn money.

Major Outsourcing Location

BPO sector has positioned itself as the major outsourcing location that is selling the high quality and affordable services to the clients. The call centers are not regarded as the unsophisticated back-end process anymore. The BPO service provider as like Met Technologies provides services that include software development, processing, application development, and technical support services and data entry.

Why India Is a Booming Market for BPO

India is considered as the booming market for ITES or BPO sector. Here are some of the reasons why India is referred to as the leading BPO destination-

  1. High Quality of Services– The quality of services offered by the Indian BPO companies is never compromised. The targets are reached timely. The functions are monitored timely. The latest technologies and applications are used.
  2. Highly Skilled Manpower– the Indian BPO companies have a huge team of skilled employees who have traits of courtesy and empathy. The team is passionate and dedicated to performing the best tasks.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness- The Indian BPOs work on the one-third price of the company will spend on setting the entire set-up invoice.

Hence, it is proved that the BPO sector is booming and is giving huge employment opportunities to people globally. Met Technologies is one of the leading BPO companies that provide services like Telecom, financial services, and customer support.

MET Technologies is to acquire positive business driven outputs and quality solutions for each and every client.

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3 Tips To Spot The Best BPO Service Provider in India

With the proliferation of business ventures and technological upgrades, modern businesses are exploiting the immense benefits of outsourcing. There are benefits galore of outsourcing. Moreover, it is only natural to avail of the services of an external agency to handle the specific processes of your company.

However, the point is how to pick the right agent for your brand. More often than not, businesses tend to rummage in the dark. It becomes all the more challenging, thanks to the lack of references. If you are looking for a BPO service provider in India, the following three tips might be of help.

1.Look for a Robust Business Continuity Plan

First and foremost, you need to decide whether or not your prospective partner has a robust business continuity plan. Most importantly, you need to decide upon the candidature on the basis of your brand’s objectives.

For instance, if you are a food brand that would outsource its inbound sales, you should go for someone who is thoroughly facilitated to hire additional support, as and when needed. Or, if your brand is particularly active on the e-portal, you would want to hire a partner who has a robust business continuity plan as regards the online customer service.

The motto changes drastically for a brand involved in a bank-related venture; in that case, you might want a partner who is able to operate effectively from multiple geographical locations. Therefore, it is highly vital to factor in your brand’s aims while looking for partners.

2.Cost Comparison

Brands tend to look forward to reduced overhead costs; it is one of the most fundamental goals of any brand. Therefore, before you decide upon the outsourcing partner, it is important to compare costs.

While reviewing the cost arbitrage you also need to make sure whether or not it is sufficient to cover the business needs. Lack of funds should not impede the prospects of your brand.

3.Evaluative Depth

Last but not least, you need to decipher whether or not a prospective partner has enough evaluative depth to comprehend the specific objectives of your business. For instance, whether or not your partner understands your goals, whether or not the solution provider shares symmetrical business values etc. must be charted out.

Challenging though it might seem, such inquiries are critical for the success of your brand. More often than not, the lack of clarity on the part of business firms as regards their external agents makes the task all the more daunting. Consequently, you have no scope to review past references. However, it is vital to have a symmetrical relationship between your partner and you.

As mentioned at the outset, the fast-paced rise of technological upgrades, and ever-renewing business ventures have made it imperative for brands to look for external avail. At the same time, it is not feasible to forego the non-core activities in pursuit of the more advanced, innovative endeavours. At Met Technologies, one of the finest BPO service providers in India, we believe in reviewing the core determinants that make up a competent brand, keeping foremost in mind the interests of our cherished customers.

MET Technologies is to acquire positive business driven outputs and quality solutions for each and every client.

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Count On The Best BPO Service Provider In India

BPO has now become an effective long-term strategy for organizations planning to stay ahead of the competition. MET-Technologies is one of the best BPO service providers in India that specializes in bringing awesome BPO services for start-ups and corporates. As a leader in business process management services, MET-Technology offers unique services to add value to your business and ensure business growth. Our strategy is to offer valued solutions through our talented workforce to help clients manage information, serving them in a better way. With long years of experience, we have developed a complete BPO platform that combines perfectly an assortment of services.

At MET, we have been bringing you high-end BPO service in India, including domestic and international voice & non-voice process. What is worth mentioning is that we offer IT projects to a wide range of clients in different domains. Services like IT, KPO and ITES services are offered with utmost care. Our focus is not limited to a single aspect of the business; rather, our service drives performance enhancement on a wider scale. 

We boast of having skilled and highly trained staff who brings you the best BPO service to ensure company’ customer satisfaction. Probably this is the only reason why our clients count on us for experiencing the best of our service. The technologies we use in the process include:

•   Inbound & Outbound services

•   Market Research services

•   Data collection & Entry Services

•   Verification Process Service

•   Technical support Service

Our leverage of adopting best practices, rich management sources, constant process improvisation and metrics centred approach to client engagements have been successful in delivering a good deal of benefits to global clients.

Best BPO Service Provider In India- Trusted by Our Partners

What is worth mentioning is that our end-to-end BPO service is not restricted to only a few domains rather we offer the best of our service to almost all the industries including Finance, travel, retail, education, biotechnology and healthcare. We strive to increase the productivity and efficiency of our clients in the course of bringing them the best possible outcome. We make it a point to help start-ups and corporates by taking care of their process including data entry, verification process etc. 

As a premier BPO service provider in India, MET is committed to partner with clients, ensuring robust customer experience. Count on us for the end-to-end services.



MET Technologies is to acquire positive business driven outputs and quality solutions for each and every client.

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