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Call Centre Outsourcing in Australia, What Future Has In-store?

When Melbourne-based call centre outsourcer BMS Interactive closed its doors in the last week of March this year, it did surprise many people. BMS started operating in 2000 and around 500 people worked for it. BMS is not the only one in the list, two more Australian based outsourcers, Customers 1to 1 in December’16 and CallActive closed down in November’15. Major BPO projects outsourcing companies have suffered huge losses.

The call centre industry has undergone a sea change. The following trends are expected in the case of business process outsourcing in Australia:

  • A constant drive to self-service the models of engaging customers to deliver a unified customer experience
  • Improved focus to drive response and multi-channel capability
  • Creation of strategic partnerships between businesses and their call centre partners to deliver the overall value
  • Merging of specialist contact centre providers to influence scale, footprint and cross-functional capability

The following points are responsible for the shrinking profit of BPOs:

  • Increased competition that has decreased the margin of profit
  • Lower technology cost has enabled the customers to upgrade themselves easily, hence they no longer need to outsource
  • Headcount is decreasing through automation. May it be chatbots, Apps, IVR, messaging or mapping the journey of customers, customers no longer need to be called

As less money is coming in it is increasingly getting had for BPOs to invest in the business. For many BPOs, it is a danger sign as the revenues are going down fast and they are in no way being able to revive the crises.

The Australian call centres are not only concentrating on operations in the country but also trying to build up their presence in international boundaries. Running a call centre in Australia is cost intensive. Companies are entirely concentrating on improving the customer experience. With leading global outsourcers like Teleperformance's entry in the Australian market and the strong rumours of Xerox under their new brand Conduent is also trying to create a firm ground in Australia, we are sure that Australian BPO industry will revive its lost glory. The industry is getting intriguing for all of us and though there was a lean period in between Australian market will make up in the coming years.

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