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How much should you Invest in to Develop your Content Marketing Strategy?

If you want to adorn content marketing with a theme song then it has to be the ‘Hot, hot, hot’ song of Buster Poindexter. Apart from SMM and PPC, the other big thing in the world of digital marketing is ‘Content Marketing’. With passing years, its importance has only gone up with the introduction of Google’s ‘Hummingbird’ and ‘RankBrain’ algorithms. If you want to up the rank of your website, you need to up the quality and uniqueness factors of your website content.

Based on the reach of your business, requirements of customers and your budget, you need to plan your content strategy. There are so many options to develop quality contents for your website that may include developing an in-house content development team, hiring the services of freelancers or outsource them from some content development agency. However, what you choose depends upon the limitations of budget allocated for content development and content marketing.

Options available to develop quality contents and costs involved

1.Development of in-house team of content specialists:

Budget Range:
Low- $45,000 up to $65,000/yr
Middle- $66,000 up to $100,000/yr
High- $100,000 up to $145,000/yr

Initially, the cost of hiring and developing an internal team of content developers could seem to be quite high however, in the long run, this option becomes the most cost-effective and efficient option to carry forward your content marketing objectives.

2.Hiring the services of able freelancers or copywriters:

Budget Range:
Low- $45 up to $230/content type
Middle- $240 up to $480 /content type
High- $480 up to $2800/content type

Unlike the rest of the 2 available options, the 2nd option is little more complicated because the price of the content should be paid based on quality of output and timely delivery of project. For general content requirements, you may post your content needs plus the budget at Upwork or Elance. For content requirements focused towards specific area of knowledge, you could search with professional content marketers.

3.Outsourcing contents from a reputed agency:

Budget Range:
Low- $1100 up to $2300/yr
Middle- $2400 up to $7300/yr
High- $9000 up to $10,000/yr

A mix of content resourcing is a good idea when you are performing under a tight schedule. Some times, you need to develop niche contents in the form of e-books, case studies, video contents and white papers that need specialised knowledge and are time consuming as well. In these situations, it is a great idea to call for the services of consultancies or agencies that hold expertises in respective fields of content creation and Content Marketing.

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