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What Should Be Your Ideal Content Marketing process for Social Media Platforms?

Defining the content strategies for various social media platforms can be a challenge. Social media is considered to be one of the best mediums to talk about your brand. This is the most cost-effective way to gauge the attention 2.46 billion users (As per The saddest part is most of the brands fail to create a unique social media voice.

Do you want to reach out to more people with the help of content? If that is the case then you have to keep social media platforms on your list. Each platform has specific needs, identify them and embark upon your social media journey. Business Process Outsourcing companies in the UK and top BPO companies in Australia believe that defining a strategy for the brand is important before setting foot on it.


Presently, this is regarded to be the best platform for B2B marketing. Showcase your strengths and advertise the career opportunities through this one. This is also the ideal pick for depicting your organizational culture. If you are planning any live event, you can use LinkedIn to publicize it.


You cannot really use this one for serious business content. Make it a point to share witty content here. Use it to talk over events, news and highlights of the week. Your employees are the ambassadors of your brand. This is also an apt place for the employees to talk about life in the workplace. Place your best works in front of the audience. Give people a chance to know the potential of your team.


This one will help you get leads. Post three to four slide in a month and try to analyze which types of presentations are getting more views. Try to strike a balance between long and short pieces of content. The longer-forms can enhance your leads whereas the shorter ones will draw in new followers.


This one will help you to build a network of influencers and a reliable network. This will help you to leverage your brand. Share your thoughts and promote your content with the help of Twitter. The community you build up through Twitter will guide you to curate blog posts and live sessions.

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