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Fixing a Bug is so Similar to Fishing

When you do not have the knowledge about the code, it is hard for you to estimate the time it needs to fix the thing. According to James Shore when he mentioned the thing in ‘The Art of Agile’ that before finding the bug, you should find what has gone wrong. Here there is an added problem that you cannot accurately estimate the time required for finding the wrong. When you have the knowledge of what has gone wrong, could you exactly determine the time for fixing up the wrong. One must know the line where the code should be changed like to know where and when will be the fish would bite. However, it could exhaust lots of time.

Finding and fixing up the bug

Paul Butcher has explained how to find and fix up bugs successfully in his ‘Debug It!’. Experienced programmers are acquainted with these steps.

1.Get a clear idea about the thing you are searching for:

A thorough review of the bug report could help you tremendously in finding it out and solving it. If it has been already reported as a duplicate, find out what actions were taken by the guy who took over the responsibility of debugging it before you.

2.Clear up the decks:

Find and check out which code is correct. In addition, clear your work space.

3.Setup the test environment:

Setting up of the test environment can be trivial or impossible in some cases especially when the customer is running on an anonymous configuration.

4.Have a clear idea about the functions of codes:

One should have a clear concept about the function of code and with respect of this if one’s test suite will pass or not.

5.Let us start fishing:

Accurate diagnosis of bugs and reproduction of bugs prove that you have properly fixed it up.

6.Write new tests:

While fixing the existing tests or initiating new developer tests one should be extremely careful.

7.Create the fix:

While creating the fix, one needs to ensure that one is not breaking anything else. To safely finish the job, one should initiate some refactoring job for understanding the code in better manners. Before finishing your job, perform a regression testing for ensuring that you have not introduced new bugs.

8.Create safer and clearer codes:

With the help of step-by-step refactoring, one can develop the codes in clearer and safer ways. With your fixing, ensure that you are not making your codes more brittle or harder to comprehend.

9.Review the debugged codes:

It is a smart choice to review your debugging steps with others.

10.Review if the bug needs to be fixed up in other branches:

When you are not working from mainline, you need to check whether the bug needs to be fixed up in other branches.


Introspect the entire process of debugging to avoid the repetition of the process.?

You can hire a professional software testing company to fix the bugs in your website.

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Does your Website Need a Free Health Checkup?

We all know that websites are developed to serve business objectives of organisations. Based on types of businesses, the objectives differ. However, whether or not your website is fulfilling the objectives is the million dollar question. Responsibilities do not cease after developing a suave website. Rather they start from thereon.

There is hardly any difference between the concept of regular health check up and website testing. Over the time, many issues grow up with websites. Regular incorporation of blogs and images make it heavy thereby increasing the website loading speed. Higher the loading speed, lower is its score to impress the audience. The website might suffer from virus attacks that are nothing but few lines of corrupt programming codes to disrupt the normal functions of your website. Such issues could be analysed only after performing website tests.

Is your website safe to use?

For a long time internet has been one of the high risk platforms of breeched information. When you are dealing in online business portal, you need to give the security angle of your website the highest possible priority. If at any point of time, your website security is compromised then it is hard to get back the trust factor. So, be more vigilant!

Ways to protect your website

Use HTTPS url structure:

  • For securing your website from hacking attempts, hyper-text transfer protocol secure or HTTPS should be used in place of HTTP. Usually the online portal sites follow HTTPS structure that is because financial transactions take place through these sites. Using this protocol you not only secure your website from hacking attempts but also the audience who visit your site. The encryption layer that offers security to your website is called as Secure Sockets Layer or Transport Layer Security.

Use updated software:

  • When you are running online businesses, software should always be updated. CMS like Joomla and WordPress ensure that they keep updated software, less prone to vulnerable attacks. You should keep up-to-date extensions or plugins at your sites. Otherwise, the older versions could act as gateways for viral attacks.

Develop layered security websites:

  • The first and outer layer security cordon is called the firewall and it should be fixed in every website. Firewall creates multiple-layered protection plan against cross-site scripting, brute attacks, spams and SQL injections. It is better to go for cloud-based firewall systems. One can opt for affordable Security-as-a-service providers and rent cloud based firewall applications.

After you ensure the security of your website, it is important to know how to grow business and the top priority for the growth of online business is to raise the page ranks.

Do you have an idea why your website is not getting higher ranks at search engine result pages?

There are many tools for free website testing. One of them is SEO Quake analytics tool. There are some outstanding features associated with it. The first and foremost is that SEO Quake is a free website testing tool. The second is that, you need not have to install the website testing software. Just run the extension upon the website you want to test and get a detailed report of diagnosis.

Irrespective of great contents and social-media marketing there are many more SEO related points to be considered in order to raise the rank of your website. SEO Quake analytics tool would help you to diagnose these points that are hindering the rise of your page rank.

Some significant points of final report are the diagnosis of url structure; title; meta description; meta keywords; headings; images and ratio between text and html. These points fall within page compliance category. In addition, using this tool you could even diagnose whether or not the website is mobile compliant or not. This tool may help you to check the site compliance as well. After you analyse your website through SEO Quake analytics tool, you could get an idea about what is the probable reason your website is not receiving higher rankings in search result pages.

MET Technologies is to acquire positive business driven outputs and quality solutions for each and every client.

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