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The Features of Angular 2 and TypeScript

By far, one of the most popular frameworks for JavaScript is the Angular JS with which versatile web applications are developed. Latest Angular 2 version along with Type Script is introducing the true principles of object oriented paradigm into the mainstream programming world. The syntax is very much similar with Java 8.

The Present Scenario

Around 1.3 million developers are using Angular JS throughout the world. The latest version of Angular JS namely the Angular 2 is being used by 300 thousand users. Those who used to work with jQuery found that Angular JS has many more advantages over it.

Features of Angular JS

  1. MVC architecture being truly followed
  2. Incorporation of POJO models
  3. Declarative user interface
  4. Functional directives
  5. Flexible utilisation of filters
  6. No need to write unnecessary codes
  7. Proper DOM manipulations
  8. Proper service providers
  9. Context aware communication
  10. Pre-developed unit testing

Despite all the above mentioned features still Angular JS alone would not be able to solve all the challenges posed by modern technical requirements. For example if you demand a gaming or a mathematical computation program then Angular JS might not be able to successfully serve you. However, it is very much effective to solve the problems based upon the field of generic web applications. The supporters of Angular JS found a relief after Google declared the release of Angular 2 that comes with a promise of sufficing for the inadequacies of Angular JS.

Role of Angular 2 as the saviour

  • There are some advantages if you switch over to Angular 2 which are as follows:
  • Usage of TypeScript
  • Giving support to web components
  • Great performance
  • Simplified interface
  • Experts propose to use Angular 2 to complete the large scale projects.

Angular 2 and Typescript

One of the major advantages of Angular 2 is that it could easily work with both TypeScript and JS whereas Angular JS could only perform with JavaScript. The official website of Angular 2 incorporates the documentation of TypeScript. For this reason, one should know the advantages of TypeScript.

Features of TypeScript

  • TypeScript combines various characteristics of JS that helps it to solve the long-term projects.
  • Its syntax is more convenient for the Java and C# developers.
  • TypeScript offers support for interfaces and inheritance that will facilitate code decoupling and its reuse.

Software application advancement is the priority of application developers and that is why, they are continuously trying to add more documentation with the new Angular 2. Hopefully, in future we would get a richer version of Angular 2.

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