Top 3 Tips to Successfully Close a Business Deal
Top 3 Tips to Successfully Close a Business Deal
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As a business owner you know how difficult is to successfully close a deal. The sales division of your enterprise faces maximum problem to bridge the gap between positive intention showed by the customer and the successful completion of the action. The behavioural science division of the Harvard University has recently conducted a research upon how to enhance the voter turnout in US elections which has offered valuable insights. The research results have outreaching benefits and could be used in the field of sales as well. Based on the research result, top 3 tips would be discussed here. You may also call them the 3 psychological triggers.

3 psychological triggers (tips) to close the business deals successfully


1.Prompting for a plan:

Rather than ending a sales call with open-ended comments, your sales team should form prompt-for-a-plan type questions. For example, ‘What day and time will be best to make a follow-up call?’ is a good way to show that you value the time of your client. In addition, this also shows that you are sincere about your business objectives.

2.Leveraging the positive peer pressure (using client testimonials):

It has been noticed that using authentic client testimonials one may close in more successful business deals. We have noticed this trend in the case of online business where when we book a certain product, another list of products appears below the page that includes something like ‘people who have bought this article have also bought these items’. In simpler version, before booking a product, we meticulously scrutinise the reviews and ratings given by customers to evaluate it.

3.Reinforcing the relevant personal identity:

Based on multiple roles that we play in our lives, we develop different identities. When you are dealing with a business organisation (B2B industry), it is better to reinforce the image of your client as a ‘successful business person’ and never ever forget to mention it in your conversation. Phrases like ‘as a business owner focused to deliver fast customer care service’ could help you to successfully close the deal.

As a business owner, you should always try to search for innovative ways to solve a problem and the deal closing tips might come in handy to help you successfully close your business deals. Nevertheless, you should try to incorporate more innovative ideas to solve a particular problem.

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