Trendy Digital Marketing Strategies for the Ecommerce Industry in 2017
Trendy Digital Marketing Strategies for the Ecommerce Industry in 2017
20th Dec 2016 No Comments

At the start of every year, people put in lots of interest to predict the year ahead. They dissect various features of popular trends. Among all such important trends, those in relation with marketing strategies are really noteworthy. Webinars are centred on the questions like –

"What is Hot?" and "What is Next?"

As 2017 is looming just around the corner, it seems to be a good way off yet, however if you need to develop a top ecommerce and social-media marketing strategy, you should start prompt planning. Ecommerce continues its growth, however with the huge market that is acting as a magnet for large and small brands; competition will pace up faster than the entire growth of the market. This means that it will be harder to win over your customers, easier to lose plus fussier on user experience and price.

You should try to fall behind the ever increasing fierce competition. You will have to be aware of the benefits from the latest marketing trends in the world of ecommerce. These are some global megatrends that have huge implications. These trends are not going to be modified very soon. Main aim of good SEO and digital marketing experts will be how to integrate all these trends properly.

Trend 1: The Growth of Ecommerce will Shift to Asia

In the beginning days of e-commerce, US were ruling the industry. Nowadays, e-commerce is a global phenomenon but US is still one of the biggest markets and sellers. As the trend is so strong in US, experts are predicting a saturation point because of which very soon the ecommerce organisations need to look at Asian markets to sell goods. It is true that Asia has been already the hot destination for ecommerce organisations. However focus will be fixed more upon tapping the Chinese markets.

Trend 2: Compared to the Number of Mobile Users, Gap in the Rate of Conversion will Increase

At present the usage of mobile devices has equalled to half of the entire web traffic and it will continue to grow in importance. However, it may come as a surprise to you as many still prefer to purchase products on their PCs. This picture has been confirmed from the survey reports generated by in the 2nd half of 2016. According to digital marketing experts, even if people find it easier to browse in mobile devices, PCs will rule over whenever we talk about higher conversion.


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