Why Animated Micro-interactions are Necessary to Enhance the Appeals of Desktop and Mobile Apps?
Why Animated Micro-interactions are Necessary to Enhance the Appeals of Desktop and Mobile Apps?
27th Sep 2016 No Comments

The world of web and mobile app design is like walking on a tight-rope. Designers need to draw the entire picture accurately and give equal significance to details. Well-crafted micro-interactions help to offer outstanding experience to audience.

Display the system status

UI design experts opine that the system should always upgrade users about what is happening within it and that if any new online upgrade is available then the system should provide immediate feedbacks. UI is the in between medium via which the system interacts with audience. Mobile apps should not be developed in a way so that it keeps its audience guessing. Micro-interactions are methods of visual feedback to convey such messages.

One sector where innovative ideas could be added is the processes of data upload and download. One may add creative animations to update contents on mobile devices with ‘pull down to refresh’ status instruction.

Tangible buttons and controls

For better user-friendliness, the buttons and controls should be made more tangible. This gap between virtual and real world could be filled up by the use of motion and visual cues. As soon as one inputs some data, it should be immediately acknowledged through animation thereby giving an impression that it has been directly manipulated. This would help to enhance clarity through visual response.

Building meaningful transitions

Animations could be used to transport users in between navigational processes. They could be helpful to describe changes in the element arrangement processes. An expert designer could morph the icons thereby serving different functions at different times.

Good motion designs may serve dual purposes of informing users with delight. This is a good idea to be implemented with smartwatches and other mobile devices to suffice its space crunch. Using correct colours and persistent elements could transform the transitions effortless and smooth.

Help the user to take first step

Micro-interactions could make the on boarding process much easier for the first-time users. Flawless UX designs and animations would make that best first impression upon users mind. Through highlighting the most significant controls and features, it helps the user to proceed deeper into the new system and know it thoroughly before initiating the tasks. Influence of micro-interactions upon mobile application development industry is going to grow in future.

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