4 E-Commerce BPO Trends in 2019 That Met Technologies Has Embraced
4 E-Commerce BPO Trends in 2019 That Met Technologies Has Embraced
08th Jul 2019 No Comments
E-commerce is a phenomenon that is taking the internet by the storm. A quick look at today’s business sites should tell you that E-commerce has seeped into every form of business- be it service-based or product-based. At Met Technologies we support different e-commerce businesses with diverse, specific process requirements. So, as a responsible BPO service provider in India we have to always apprise ourselves with the latest trends in the e-commerce industry. It helps us prepare for the future and train our employees better. Trends revolutionising the e-commerce support business Sophisticated e-commerce processes also require customer support agents who command sophisticated skills in different tools and service frameworks. In this regard, at Met Technologies we have noticed the following trends in e-commerce that are streamlining customer support as well:

1.Customer experience is the primary target

In the era of web 2.0, customers do not limit themselves to telephonic, chat or email means of communication for queries and complaints. A number of e-commerce heavyweights have paid the price for lacklustre customer support, when irate customers flooded their social media handles with negative feedback. Thus, regardless of year, customer experience will always feature above any other criteria, as far as the BPO industry is concerned. For instance, we teach our agents to always go out of their way and proactively ask the customer what they need. In this way, even if the customer has had a negative experience, they will still have something positive to say about the business.

2.Reliance on chatbots

In a real-time scenario, a successful e-commerce service is a highly active business platform 24/7. Addressing all customers simultaneously becomes humanely impossible. So, a lot of e-commerce businesses are depending on AI’s with machine learning to bridge the gap. These AI’s appear as chatbots that generate automated responses to customer queries. Chatbots have already invaded the rudimentary business processes in some of the most prominent e-commerce brands today. With better emphasis on machine learning, these chatbots can very easily replace human agents, unless the latter proves their indispensability.

3.Mobile wallet transactions

In recent times, mobile wallet transactions have invalidated the importance of debit and credit card integration. E-commerce is a relatively new concept, as is; the cashless revolution has further broken new ground for online retail businesses everywhere. However, not every customer is savvy enough to At Met Technologies, we extensively train our agents to handle mobile wallet transaction queries and technical challenges faced by the customers.

4.Data-based personalised support

Big data has been of big help in the online retailer business. It has allowed businesses to help showcase their products to the appropriate demographic. It has also offered companies the chance to act on actionable information about their customer’ behaviour and preferences and offer them a better experience. At Met Technologies, we have already redesigned our training curriculum to teach our agents about focused information collection. In this way, customers only have to share information purchasing to their purchase preferences and nothing more. Taking the initiative to abide by these new trends have allowed us to leave our competition behind by a mile. So, if you represent an e-commerce service that is looking for a savvy, efficient BPO outsourcing service for e-commerce operations, feel free to contact us at Met Technologies.

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