Management Team

At the helm of all contacts we have a concrete management team displaying diligence and technological progression. We are one of the pioneers providing valued services which are capable of meeting industrial standards for various ventures. It is the perseverance and eagerness of our Mandarins which has made us one of the humongous names in IT industry.


Chairman & Founder

A stalwart and visionary in the field of entrepreneurship and thought leadership, Mr. Kunal Gupta started his days as a software engineer at Infosys, after pursuing software engineering from PESIT, Bangalore. His quest for knowledge and skill further led him to undertake MBA in Decision Making from IIM Kolkata, as well as an MBA PGPMAX from ISB Hyderabad. His time and observation at Infosys got him acquainted with the functionalities and mechanisms of the BPO and BPM verticals. With his great interpersonal skills he quickly amassed the right networks to dive into the arena of BPO and BPM and thus founded MET Technologies Pvt. Ltd in the year 2010.

With just three employees, he bootstrapped the company and made it grow in leaps and bounds to reach new heights of success with each passing year. Today, with over 1700+ human resources, his skills have brought the company to the pinnacle of success. With business spanning across 20 countries and four continents, he has successfully created gainful employment for the people of West Bengal. That apart, his competency in cracking strategic negotiations and deals has given him ample success in the field of venture capital as well. The motivation behind most of his actions stems from a need to make a positive social and economic impact. A keen chess enthusiast, an avid traveller, a dedicated philanthropist, and a passionate leader, he wears many hats and that too with equal finesse.