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Advantages of having Integrated CRM Software for the BPO Industry

Business process outsourcing industry is rapidly expanding. A robust CRM or customer relationship management software could immensely help an organisation to properly manage the interaction processes with clients, customers and sales representatives. At present, customers are mainly concerned about service improvements rather than cost containment. This has led the Software Development companies to transform the CRM as standalone service lines for most of the leading service providers. The trend is rapidly changing. Instead of focusing upon the core business, the priority is shifting towards process and technology improvements; multichannel and value-added services; the service quality and more innovative ways to address the increased levels of complexity.

Key Functionalities and Features of the BPO CRM

The entire functional structure of a BPO organisation is classified into various modules.

Functionalities of BPO CRM software influence different modules of the organisation. Let us briefly examine them.

1. CRM software would help the managers, sales representatives and executives to get their requisite resources for closing the leads.

2. CRM software helps to close the leads faster.

3. Sales target module of a BPO organisation would help it to convert the real-time visibility into successful sales.

4. The lead module of the BPO functional structure receives the biggest gains from the CRM software. The software kit would help the module to centralise the entire lead information.

5. The CRM software helps to gather all knowledge about the prospects at one place.

6. The CRM helps to accelerate the productivity of a BPO organisation.

7. With the help of an integrated CRM system, the sales target module can easily streamline its entire operations.

Features of BPO CRM are as follows:

1. BPO specific CRM is compatible with various mobile devices like tablets, phones and laptops.

2. The CRM system easily integrates with most of the ERP and accounting software.

3. There are various hosting options available with the CRM like the cloud and the server hosts.

4. Some BPO companies simultaneously run software development wings. As per specific requirements, one can customise the CRM thereby modifying its features to easily solve the sector specific problems.

Business Process Management is enriched by the installation of a CRM system. With passing time, more technically sound CRM software is coming in the market. BPO industry could take its help to gain more esteem and prestige from its client base.


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