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How eCommerce Industry is Boosting Customer Loyalty by Outsourcing Live Chat Support?

The eCommerce industry was already evolving before the pandemic hit. However, since the pandemic, the sector has had to grow a lot. Amongst the various changes and adaptation of methods, the outsourcing of live chat support is proving one of the most vital developments. Businesses are selecting this option, and…

What Should A Startup Business Know Before Investing In Outsourcing Customer Support Services?

Customer support services have travelled the world and back. No wonder excellent customer service is a secret weapon of every business. With the eCommerce market growing and customers being flooded with options, timely customer service is paramount. With research revealing how quickly bad word of mouth happens, most businesses have…

5 Ways To Enhance Your Brand’s Customer Support Services

Inevitably, customers are the most pivotal components of a business. A brand is, because of its customers. Consequently, it is crucial to ensure robust customer support services. Brands across the spectrum are ever on the look-out for better relationship prospects with their customers. However, not always do strategies succeed. There might…

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