Have A Look At Different Call Centre Options You Can Choose in India

Have A Look At Different Call Centre Options You Can Choose in India

As outsourcing is growing in demand in India, the Call Centres are the major outsourcing projects running in the country.

24×7 working hours, having well-trained professionals, low investment, no infrastructure cost, and low labour cost are some of the most obvious reasons global companies rely on the Call Centres located in Indian cities.

India has a huge population that can speak English fluently, and their hourly charges are less than the native English nations like Australia, the UK, the USA, and New Zealand. Along with that, the BPO call centre in India uses modern software and tools to make the service better.

 There are various benefits of hiring the Indian BPO companies as they are the right choice for businesses that help boost sales and profits, decrease the cost per sales, and offer services like up and cross-selling.

The call centre merchant will produce leads and appointments for you after straining through various issues. If you check the facilities of call centres, you will witness a graph of satisfied customers who are happy when their services got fulfilled.

What Are the Different Call Centre Options You Will Get in India?

If you see around, you will find that different call centres in India serve different services depending upon the users’ requirements. So, check the points below to have a clearer look.

  1. Inbound Call Centre Services

Inbound service means getting calls for purpose that includes customer service, technical support, help desk, inbound sales, emergency response, and dispatch services. Apart from these, various support services will scale up to around the major categories, including telephone or cell phone answering, medical answering, hotlines, appointment management, disaster response, order processing, virtual receptionist, and after-hour calls.

  1. Outbound Call Centre Services

The sales-oriented pitching via calls defines outbound services. It is also called the cold calling service. They result in lead generation and also conducting surveys over the phone. Some services that fall under the category include insurance sales, event registration, payment collection, telemarketing, customer retention, billing reminders, loyalty programs, upselling, and cross-selling.

  1. Non-Voice Call Process

It denotes the backend support that consists of the back office work. It is always run in the background. The workforce does not interact with the potential clients or customers directly like the voice process. Rather, they approach them via emails, messages, and other online processes. It involves computer work done through payroll services and data analysis. Besides this, the one who has computer literacy makes the reports, prepares the sheet daily, and makes data entry work in software like MS Excel and MS Word. The team also focuses on quality and unmatched services.

  1. Web Enabled Call Centres

This type of service needs lots of research and delivers fast and prompt responses to the clients. The web-based call centres’ services include data entry support, quality analysis, mystery shopping services, web chat, email support, and surveys. You can get this service at any BPO call centre in India that has a team of experienced and talented professionals.

Using the above services will give you an in-house team for focusing on core functionalities of business instead of concentrating on the time-consuming business practices like scheduled meetings, business generations, and so on. Met Technologies is one of India’s leading BPO service providers that provide most of the outsourcing services depending upon the business requirements.

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