Exploring the Benefits of Outsourcing Business Processes to India

Exploring the Benefits of Outsourcing Business Processes to India

Business process outsourcing, widely known as BPO, appeared as a cost-saving activity, assuring timely delivery of quality projects. Experts suggest that companies can utilize this to run their businesses without hiring any employee. India has emerged as a favourite destination of the companies worldwide to outsource their business process due to numerous reasons. Several organizations offer BPO services in Kolkata and other parts of India.


Outsourcing to India has played a significant role in making small and medium-sized companies get on the list of Fortune 500 companies. In the last decade majority of the companies from USA, UK, Europe, Australia, and Middle East have successfully moved a significant portion of their business processes to BPO service providers in India. Outsourcing their business processes to India have helped companies reinvent their business strategies and achieve scalability, operational efficiency and business growth. Mentioned below are a few benefits that have attracted companies to outsource their business processes to India.


  1. Cost Benefits

Cost benefit is undoubtedly one of the prime factors behind the attraction of the companies who have outsourced their business processes to India. The dollar-rupee exchange rates, inexpensive hiring of skilled labour in India, and low infrastructural investments against setting up operations in their native country make India the most desired destination for outsourcing business processes.


  1. Skilled pool of talent

Let’s look at the worldwide structure of the BPO industry. India has tight competitors like Philippines, Vietnam, and other Asian countries. However, India still occupies the top position. The primary reason behind this is the accessibility of a skilled pool of talent and their sound technical knowledge. Therefore with their efficiency and productivity, the skilled labours have boosted the growth of the BPO industry in India.


  1. Sound IT policies of the government

India has appeared to be the ideal outsourcing destination due to its pro-IT government policies on the economy, industrial parks, taxation, telecommunications, and special zones. These, along with communication systems, have been extremely helpful in improving the infrastructures. IT is considered among the top five priority industries, and policies framed by the government seeks to reap the maximum benefit from IT outsourcing.


  1. Time zone advantage

Outsourcing business processes to India has helped companies to operate 24/7. The time-zone differences starting from -5:30 (GMT) to -12:30 (PDT) enable companies to achieve a lot more productivity in a normal workday than getting the work done domestically.


  1. Digital transformation and automation

Digital transformation backed by artificial intelligence (AI) & robotic process automation (RPA) is the next bull’s-eye of the Indian BPO industry. By the proper utilization of business process management tools and software, efforts are being made to reduce human labour. This has already proved to be hugely beneficial for both the client as well as the service provider in the BPO industry in India.


In a nutshell 

Initially, few operational issues raised as outsourcing tends to get messy with mounting volumes of work, cultural and language barriers, and the pressure to keep costs down. However, the situation has significantly changed, and with issues predicted in advance and appropriate planning, the Indian BPO industry has successfully addressed more or less all the challenges.


If you are looking forward to outsource your business processes to India, you can get in touch with MET Technologies. Standing apart, firm, and steady, MET Technologies has proved its worth and earned its position in India’s list of the leading BPO service providers.

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Exploring the Benefits of Outsourcing Business Processes to India

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