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MET technologies – A Powerhouse of Work and Celebration

“Work Hard and Party Harder” – that’s the sublime thought which binds the employees towards working with dedication, love and perfection at MET Technologies. MET had its inception in the year 2010 with only three employees in a small office in Bangur Avenue. With the perseverance and persistence of our Chairman and…

Top 6 Website Design Trends to Follow

There are plenty of website design trends that are floating all over the internet nowadays. The design of websites is continually getting changed and evolving its way through the world’s various tastes. This is why it has become the most essential aspect to consider in terms of keeping up with…

Announcing “METOSPHERE” 2K18 on completion of 3000 days of MET Technologies

Dear One and All, We are proud to announce that Met Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has completed a milestone of 3000 glorious days in the industry with splendour. And hence, in order to celebrate our monumental success in a far grander and more lavish way, we are organizing a Gala event…

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