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A Digital Marketer’s Guide to the Job trends of 2017

Restricting your horizon will lead you to decay and a thorough knowledge of all the fields is necessary to be a digital marketing pro and gain a firm hold in the industry.In-Depth knowledge in the following  fields is necessary in order to succeed in this field.  For 2017’s Digital Marketing  Job Trends: What Does it Mean for Your Digital Marketing Career? You can refer to the following points

Analysis of data- It is important to be aware of the prevalent trends in business and analyse the data properly in order to frame a convincing digital marketing strategy. Without the analysis of data, there will be no defined target group, hence no marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing- It is important to identify the target audience of the various social media channels in order to create engaging posts. You should be well versed with the basic features of the platforms in order to use them efficiently.

E-Mail Marketing: E-mail marketing is one of the direct means of tapping the attention of the potential customers. It is still a crucial part of digital marketing and one of the most efficient means of reaching out to your existing customer base and converting the potential ones. 

Search Engine Optimisation:  SEO is an essential skill of digital marketing.  It is a huge field that encompasses a number areas like creating a technically sound website, pertinent content and linking
Search Engine Marketing: In digital campaigns, the marketers look for the most widely searched terms and use them in paid search.Paid search has also expanded to areas like Google Display Network and social media ads. on channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Use of advanced tools: It is important to be informed about the latest tools and platforms for marketing.  For instance, you need to be aware of tools like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor for e-mail marketing.  Adobe Creative suite or editing software like Canva can help you to design creatives. 

Online Certifications: A number of self-paced courses on digital marketing are available online. Many of the sites also give you a certificate post completion, which you can showcase in your portfolio or professional networking sites. 
The digital marketing industry is growing at an appreciable rate. In order to thrive, you need assets that employers will recognise instantly and value them. There is a need to have a thorough knowledge of all the areas in order to flourish as a digital marketer. 

MET Technologies is to acquire positive business driven outputs and quality solutions for each and every client.

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Top 3 Tricks to Build Your Brand and Elevate Your Company

Branding occupies a significant part of business, helping clients form the right impression of an organization. In fact, branding has the capacity to open up new doors of opportunity fulfilling new dreams. Regardless of whether your brand has just emerged on the scene or you have long been in this industry, you need to work on building your brand. Brand image is vital in the competitive era of today and regardless of the industry you cater to, it is crucial to stand out of the rest.

What is Branding?

You must be thinking, ‘what exactly is branding’? Branding is one of the ways involved in defining business to self, the team as well as external audiences. There are hundreds of definitions of ‘branding’ or ‘brand’.

According to the ‘Handbook of Media Management and Economics’, ‘brand’ is a “name, term, sign…” that aids with identifying or distinguishing a product. Often referred to as ‘business identity’, it can be a picture that comes to mind when the name of a company is uttered or the approach of a company while customizing a product. For example, whenever the name ‘Café Coffee Day’ is mentioned, you invariably visualize a cup of coffee. Branding refers to undertaking all the communications and activities that help to create and reinforce a brand.

Let us take a look at some of the ways used by the popular providers of digital marketing services in India to reinforce your brand.

Define Brand

Review the product or service offered by business and pinpoint the space occupied by the market. Next, research rational and emotive concerns and needs of the customers.

To define your brand, you need to be aware of the following.

• The philosophy and beliefs of your organization

• The way you want your company to be perceived by the buyers

• The type of service you would prefer to be known for

• Belief of your customers

Identify Key Audiences

If you have just launched a business, you must be spending a lot of time in planning and building it. Do you know what the most significant part of this planning strategy is? Decide who will be at the receiving end of marketing efforts.

We understand that you want to reach out to as many potential customers as possible but always remember that to reach out to more customers; you will require more time and money. It is thus better to reach out to a smaller group of customers, your ‘targeted audience’. After you decide on your targeted audience, create a customer profile that describes who the typical customers would be and include the demographic and psychographic description. This will help you a lot in the long run.

Use Social Media

Speak with others in the industry that is your potential customers and the communities you are a part of. Remember that posting on the social media sites are one of the best ways to be noticed by thousands of customers. Make sure to engage with people. Interact with others, tag them on the social networks and re-tweet and share the posts.

Whatever you do, make sure to remain true to your brand. Clients can easily connect with the brands that are open and authentic and dissuade of making false claims. Clients expect honesty and can be easily put off in its absence. Remember that creating a name for your company is tough and focusing on your brand’s authenticity, consistency and experience will help you to give the much-required lift. Invest in these principles to prove valuable to your targeted audience.

MET Technologies is to acquire positive business driven outputs and quality solutions for each and every client.

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Trendy Digital Marketing Strategies for the Ecommerce Industry in 2017

At the start of every year, people put in lots of interest to predict the year ahead. They dissect various features of popular trends. Among all such important trends, those in relation with marketing strategies are really noteworthy. Webinars are centred on the questions like –

"What is Hot?" and "What is Next?"

As 2017 is looming just around the corner, it seems to be a good way off yet, however if you need to develop a top ecommerce and social-media marketing strategy, you should start prompt planning. Ecommerce continues its growth, however with the huge market that is acting as a magnet for large and small brands; competition will pace up faster than the entire growth of the market. This means that it will be harder to win over your customers, easier to lose plus fussier on user experience and price.

You should try to fall behind the ever increasing fierce competition. You will have to be aware of the benefits from the latest marketing trends in the world of ecommerce. These are some global megatrends that have huge implications. These trends are not going to be modified very soon. Main aim of good SEO and digital marketing experts will be how to integrate all these trends properly.

Trend 1: The Growth of Ecommerce will Shift to Asia

In the beginning days of e-commerce, US were ruling the industry. Nowadays, e-commerce is a global phenomenon but US is still one of the biggest markets and sellers. As the trend is so strong in US, experts are predicting a saturation point because of which very soon the ecommerce organisations need to look at Asian markets to sell goods. It is true that Asia has been already the hot destination for ecommerce organisations. However focus will be fixed more upon tapping the Chinese markets.

Trend 2: Compared to the Number of Mobile Users, Gap in the Rate of Conversion will Increase

At present the usage of mobile devices has equalled to half of the entire web traffic and it will continue to grow in importance. However, it may come as a surprise to you as many still prefer to purchase products on their PCs. This picture has been confirmed from the survey reports generated by in the 2nd half of 2016. According to digital marketing experts, even if people find it easier to browse in mobile devices, PCs will rule over whenever we talk about higher conversion.


MET Technologies is to acquire positive business driven outputs and quality solutions for each and every client.

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Digital Marketing Is Shifting The Paradigm Of The Market

As innovation advances, dynamic methods of promotion develop to profit dealers and purchasers. This incorporates the expanding impact of advanced promoting through the Internet which is picking up a quicker energy in web based showcasing strategies and arrangements.

Advertisement Paradigm

Innovative organizations are finding their restrictions in the continually changing business sector. They do not keep pace with the advances that are progressing quickly. It is no more drawn out as an adequate incentive for a business to have a dynamic promoting technique to stay aggressive in the commercial centre.

Entrepreneurs and advertisers of today should find out about incorporating computerized techniques for business promotion. The ultimate aim is higher returns. This requires a top to bottom learning of accessible channels to guarantee an appropriate merging of all segments for a positive result.

Henceforth, dynamic methods of promotion require a legitimate investigation of computerized information with a reliable following of web shopper conduct. This would require a broad statistical survey on the most recent developments that would affect the plans of computerized business and advertising approaches. There is a need to embrace a changeable, inventive Internet advertising systems for better business development in the short and long runs.

Entrepreneurs and advertisers who are prepared to receive a computerized approach need to concentrate on dedicated clients' needs. They need to explore the multi-practical computerized promotional engagements that offer multifaceted business opportunities to secure the most fitting buyer wish. In addition, entrepreneurs and advertisers would obtain brisk buyer criticism and remarks for further business improvements. Henceforth, business difficulties and dangers are either lessened or settled while they can engage more clients with building a more grounded mailing list for business development.

Value-added Practical Training

As the market drift changes course, the worldwide market takes after another course where it is conceivable that another framework could be produced to address and resolve different issues in the market. There is a requirement for expert industry aptitude that is fit for taking care of and settling such clashes progressively to the benefit of the advertisers and entrepreneurs.

Organizations may require best quality IT-based or digital marketing specialists for suitable advanced display of instructional meetings. Such meetings change the branding dimensions of a start-up organization. It creates benefit through digital medium. This would serve to draw in, move or spur clients while the advertisers hit on them through stellar customized methods with a steady engagement to build solid relations.

Organizations that believe in aggressive marketing likewise need to reclassify its business approaches. Such new approaches help to prompt a strong and suitable promoting arrangement. This may come with or without the expert help of efficient and experienced digital marketing specialists. This would improve the digital brand marketing at the proper stages for a more efficient brand preparedness that prompts higher efficiency.

MET Technologies is to acquire positive business driven outputs and quality solutions for each and every client.

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Who says Online Marketing is Complicated? We make it Easy

Online marketing or digital marketing is the necessary evil for a business house. We term it as ‘necessary evil’ because the tricks are rather complex and the result is long weighted. At Met Technologies our priority is to make things simpler. We apply legal SEO rules to give you the desired results in the minimum possible time.

1. Quality content development:

Quality content is the king of online marketing. Search engine giants like Google prefer those websites that offer valuable information to the audience. Their ranks are hiked and chances are more that the click-through rate of such websites is greater. At Met-Technologies we focus upon quality content. Informative and creative content always hogs the limelight. Such web page contents get higher organic rankings.

2. Social-media marketing:

Social-media is the new ruling platform for advertisers. Gone are the days when social-media was used to keep in touch with old friends. Its functions have increased immensely.

At Met-Technologies we do not leave any scope to explore the full potential of various social media platforms. We create business pages of companies with interesting product or service videos, catchy taglines, attractive infographics and contents.

3. Guest posts:

Guests posts are vital tools for projecting your creative contents at other reputed blog sites. We create guest posts so that your website gets more audience. Sometimes, valuable links are received at the end of the website whose contents have been published as guest posts.

4. Tapping in the power of industry influencers:

At Met-Technologies, we believe that if you have been noticed by a prominent industry expert, then you could earn valuable gains. Suppose you are selling stylish clothes at your online store. If you could earn the attention of the brand Armani, undoubtedly you will emerge as the next big name in the fashion industry.

We help you project your products in a way to gain more attention from these reputed brands through quality content, comments and reviews made at the brand website.

5. Exploring the potential of mobile devices:

Mobile marketing is the most popular trend nowadays. Based on the reports generated by Google Analytics, we post ads on mobile devices to gain most click-through rates.

6. PPC campaigns:

Quality PPC or Pay Per Click, sponsored ad is the latest trend in the world of digital marketing. If you have a product based business, PPC is for you. We create creative and informative landing pages to boost your campaign.

Digital marketing was never easy but we follow the rules diligently and add innovations to bring the best result, quickly.

MET Technologies is to acquire positive business driven outputs and quality solutions for each and every client.

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Right Time and Methods to Grow your PPC Ad Campaigns

Domain of digital marketing is filled with creative impressions and paid search or pay-per-click is not an exception. Hands-on analytical methods are applied to increase the click-through rate giving in successful business. The mettle of an expert digital marketer is proved when he is not afraid of trying new things. Sometimes waiting for too long may pose dangers. If a digital marketer waits for the rollout of latest AdWords features, your competitors may eat away chunk of its benefits. End of pay-per-click campaigns is shallow and if you have already started off a campaign then here are some tips to grow them further.

Right time to Grow your PPC Campaign

At early stages of a PPC Campaign, digital marketers employ certain steps like repetitive creation and testing of ad variations or tweaking both the keywords and copies. At one point, you would see that few of your ads are giving desired results. Have you noticed some clear indicators to grow your campaign?

• Increasing Click-through rates:

In the year 2015, a survey conducted by Wordstream proved that click-through-rates differ with various industries and it varied from 1.35 to 3.4 percents. On an average, it was1.91 percent and to score near this mark or above it is a good thing. Higher click-through-rates indicate higher quality score thereby reducing your expenditure on per-clicks. If you are saving money then you need to re-invest it on further campaigns.

• Better Quality Scores

Scoring above 5 and nearing about 10 is a good result on improving quality score indicating that you have improved relevancy of keywords, optimization of landing pages and improving your ad copies. In this case you need to replicate the good results to further campaigns.

• Less Expenditure and more Conversions

There are many methods to reduce expenditure on ad campaigns and increasing the rate of successful conversions. However, before jumping into new campaigns one must keep it in mind that just a few successes would not indicate that all campaigns would bring in success.

Methods to Develop your PPC Campaigns

Once you have noticed the success of your ad campaigns there are 2 ways you could further enhance your rate of success. One you could improve your existing ad campaigns or rollout fresh campaigns. Steps to improve the rate of success of your ad campaigns have been briefly discussed below.

• Implement Ad Position Targeting

Google has been tampering with placement of ads on search engine result pages. At present you will find the ads on right-side of desktops. There are very few ads on top or bottom of the pages. But this does not limit your opportunities. Once it was believed that top positions are ideal to place your ads but recent experiments have proved that keeping your ads at 3.6+ positions help you earn good revenues.

• Specific Communication with your Audience

Targeting log-tail and top-level keywords could help you target a specific section of audience. Surveys have proved that successful ad campaigns kept 50% focus on long-tail keywords. Customers who type long-tail keywords at search boxes are more likely to successfully convert than those who use more specific terms.

• Add Remarketing

Remarketing could earn much profit rather than launching a fresh ad campaign. This process is cheaper as well as offers you the audience group who has already forged relationship with you. You can use RLSA or Remarketing Lists to Search Ads to customize user-centric ad campaigns for audience who have visited your site once or at multiple times.

MET Technologies is to acquire positive business driven outputs and quality solutions for each and every client.

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