10 Things a Call Centre Service Agent Must Not Say
10 Things a Call Centre Service Agent Must Not Say
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With the increased popularity of outsourcing, we often come in contact with two words – clients and agents. Well, the whole structure of outsourcing as a whole is largely dependent on who are you working with and who remains the target audience? When you know your business well, fathoming what is best to keep the business growing is simple and easier. The BPO projects outsourcing company always looks forward to hundred percent client satisfaction after lending an attentive ear to all your problems.


Here we have enlisted a total of 10 points that highlights on the factor that Call centre agents must not say while taking up calls. Every business which desires to provide an impeccable customer service. The service tactics and strategies that every company uses are dependent on the respective clientele and services that a company offers. We have been asked on a regular basis about “what are the do’s and which things you should NEVER say.


  1. “We don’t deal with this” – This is something that an agent of Call Centre services in Australia must never say to the caller.   This might be true that you are not the correct person from the department that the caller is looking for. But instead of being direct and rude, you might just divert is saying” Please stay online before I could transfer your call to the respective department.


  1. “I am going back home or I am on a break” – Your last caller must be treated exactly the way you treat your first caller. This means even if your shift is ending, attend the call answering all the queries even if that makes you late to reach home. You can instead pass on the call to your colleague “Sorry to keep you on hold, I am passing your call over to a colleague, who will handle your queries in a while.”


  1.  “Can I know your Christian Name please?” – This is one of the popular question often mistakenly asked by the BPO projects outsourcing company agent. You can never offend anyone asking their Jewish, Muslim or Christian Name. though this seems to be an innocent mistake but this can hurt the religious feeling of your client. Instead, it is better if you say – “Can I Have your Name Please?” or to be precise “Can I Know your first name?”.


  1. Don’t ask a caller to “Calm Down” –  Agents often need to attend calls where the clients are shouting for a service or product that did not satisfy their need. Never come up with words like “Calm Down” or “Let me Speak First.” Instead say – “I am eager to solve your problem and that would be possible only when we discuss calmly. I seek your patience and co-operation Sir/ Ma’am”


  1. Never say “I am a new joining”- Well, you must be thinking that this is the best possible answer to avoid a query when you are new at the place. But this will only irritate the customer and kill the customer’s confidence in you. The person at the opposite end will only think you are flummoxed with new challenges that come your way. Instead, ask the customer to be on hold and apologize asking you need to consult one of your colleague.


  1. Don’t Threaten the customers – “I will terminate this call” – This is not the correct way to deal with an angered customer. As discussed in a point earlier “Calm Down”, “I will terminate the call if you keep shouting” might not prove helpful and is not a wise reply. To a person who is already angry and shouting – ask them to co-operate with you since you are eager to help them with whatever they need to know. The other serious thing occurs when you hang up a call of angry client – that is an indirect alarm for your colleagues since the person will obviously call back and even if someone is picking up the call he will still keep shouting become even more abusive. “We can solve the issue and therefore, we need to talk over this calmly”

Note: it might so happen that how much effort you put in to answer the call of such abusive customers with patience, they still get more on your nerves with the kinds words. In this case, you can warn the customers twice before you actually terminate the call.

  1. “Please be on line till I transfer your call to supervisor” – A Big NO to such words when you are an agent of any Australian call centre service. There are a few reasons that you should not always pass on the call to your superior in the chain of command. The reasons being – The act is not appreciated by any of your superiors, doing this often will leave your impression of just being a gate-keeper to your customers and you should cultivate the confidence to give the final answer yourself.


  1. Be formal and don’t use words like “Mate” – “What can I do for you, Mate?” or “No Problem, Mate” might seem super to you, but this is not at all understandable when you speak in an informal tone with the customers. Choose your words carefully so much so that they should be formal.


  1. Don’t Directly call out “I will place your call on hold” –  This is something that the customers never like since they assume things like – they will be put on hold for a while and thus the very thought of keeping him/her on hold agitates the person. Instead, ask for their permission like “Can I put your call on hold?” and then go ahead.


  1. “I actually don’t know this” – NEVER approach your clients with such words. The customer service centers are there to help the clients and customers when they are facing an issue. If you are using such phrases, your customer is baffled and they are sure to have no confidence in you or the support system that you represent.


so, the next time you are stuck anywhere, just go through the article to mend the ways of talking with the clients. These points when kept in mind, the work becomes easier and effective! We as pioneer of outsourcing projects make it a point to train all our call centre executives with the aforesaid words thus reducing problems for them!

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