Anatomy of Payment Gateway
Anatomy of Payment Gateway
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The growing pace of life has led to the terrific growth of online sales as most of us are opting for the online medium over the offline method. A secure payment gateway is vital for online merchants and it is important to pick a payment gateway provider, who will provide the desired service at an affordable rate. 

RapidoPayments gateway processor has been designed by Met Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for online retailers around the world keeping in mind the needs of small, medium and large e- businesses. This payment gateway processor automates the entire transaction process between online merchants and shopper. This allows the e-retailer to take all sorts of e-payments and the use of SSL technology makes the entire process of transaction safe. 

This payment gateway provider also offers e-merchants account, which are pre synced with the terms of the gateway solution. This service is also available for financial institutions which issue the cards, both debit and credit to the customers.

Security is a primary factor to be kept in mind and in order to add an extra layer of protection and make things more safe a wide number of in-build fraud protection methods have been incorporated in RapidoPayments gateway. This payment gateway provider also supports payment through any channel may it be a static medium or mobile devices. As this medium supports payments of all sorts so e-retailers can capture the global market easily. No matter where your potential customer resides, you can easily tap the attention as cross-border payments facility is also there. There is an AVS or Address Verification system that validates the address of the card-owner against the address of the issuer and if it’s a match the issuer returns with a code that proves the buyer is not fake and make the entire process even more secure. 

There is also an option of free virtual terminal through which online retailers can take in payments over phone, mail or fax and the e-transactions will be visible on the merchant account. Post-Sales Service is also an important aspect which is considered by the online retailers or financial institutions while choosing the payment gateway provider. The story does not end with selling off the software to you, Met Technologies Pvt. Ltd also provides you with 24×7 support. 

Design is also an important part and Met Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has conidered that part as well. There is a host of templates from which you can make your pick and make your payment gateway design much more catchy and attractive. Met Technologies provide you with this wide range of services at an affordable rate, hence if you are looking for a payment gateway provider then RapidoPayments gateway processor of Met Technologies Pvt. Ltd can be your ideal pick. 

MET Technologies is to acquire positive business driven outputs and quality solutions for each and every client.

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