Kunal Gupta Named CEO of the Month by CEO Magazine
Kunal Gupta Named CEO of the Month by CEO Magazine
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MET Technologies takes pride in the news and congratulate Kunal Gupta on being declared the CEO of the month by the renowned, “The CEO Magazine”. Kunal Gupta has continually driven growth for the past seven years so it is regardless to say that all the accolades and recognition are well-deserved for achieving this significant milestone. Incorporated in 2010 in Bangur (Kunal Gupta’s hometown), MET Technologies has emerged as one of the pioneers in BPO and BPM Industries in Eastern India within a span of seven years. Kunal Gupta’s deep operational knowledge with broad strategic insight always effortlessly inspire and motivate everyone to move the company into new markets in an intensely competitive, dynamic industry. MET Technologies has also expanded its operations globally, which include India, Panama, Romania, Australia, UK, and the Philippines.


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MET Technologies has grown from strength to strength and has gradually acquired and co-founded several companies across the globe. MET Technologies sole aim is to contribute its full potential in the fields of BPO, BPM, and IT/ITes sector. The company has also ventured in Payment Service Gateway, Telecommunication, Online Gaming, and Hospitality sector. Kunal Gupta believes that in this digital world, successful organizations are the ones, which have the ability to convert consumers’ aspirations into instant gratification. His constant endeavor to devise ways by which innovative technology can be used to deliver the best to the customers has helped MET Technologies to gain invaluable expertise in Digital Marketing, Mobile Apps Development, E-Commerce, Software, and Open Source Development.


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MET Technologies prioritize on assessing the exact needs of the clients and providing world-class customer management solutions. MET Technologies has also managed to devote considerable time for the welfare of the mass by actively supporting Blind Society and Chess Federation.  

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