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The Best BPOs In India Should Be Aware Of These 4 Trends In Outsourcing In 2019

At Met Technologies we take immense pride in being one of the few leading BPO outsourcing services in India that is proactive about evolving with the changing landscape of business. Trends come and go in every walk of life; and, the outsourcing industry is no different. Hence, we make it our business to bring ourselves up to speed on the outsourcing trends that come and go every year.

BPO Outsourcing Trends in 2019

There are numerous benefits to outsourcing, which is why the BPOs in India continues to flourish. But, in order to flourish more than our competitors, we have identified the following trends in the BPO industry in 2019:
  1. Invasion of RPA
RPA or Robotics Process Automation is a gift of web 2.0. RPA technology uses bots to simulate a real-timer interactive experience. These bots are trained to perform simple tasks, answer customer queries based on logical, conditional statements, and, offer binary answers. RPAs are already replacing humans in small customer support operations. Prominent businesses are already investing heavily in this field so unless human agents can offer up more complex, problem-solving skills, they will be rendered obsolete.
  1. Better emphasis on data security
Emphasis on data security is at an all-time high. Recent cyber-attacks on some of Europe’s largest telecommunication brands have opened the eyes of corporate brands, collectively. As a result, businesses are not only outsourcing business operations to BPO vendors, but also outsourcing IT security operations to dedicated business process vendors. IT security is shaping up to be quite the lucrative sub-sector since the need for data security is common and will never die. If anything, the IT security sub-domain should advance even more.
  1. Cloud computing overshadows all
Cloud computing is a bigger trend than any other on the market right now. ‘As-a-service’ businesses are expected to grow in number as more and more brands awaken to the benefits of cloud technology. As mentioned above, the most successful businesses are always on the lookout for better ways to cut costs. Cloud computing can cut down hardware, infrastructure and personnel costs magnificently. So, we see cloud computing becoming a bigger part of the BPO industry sooner than later.
  1. Skill cultivation
Skill cultivation must now be a part of every IT worker’s daily planner because the biggest names in business and business outsourcing are paying top dollar for employees with diverse skills. These do not only mean machine skills where knowledge of frameworks and tools are necessary; soft skills are as much in demand. Businesses are always on the lookout for better ways to reduce costs and streamline operations. Hence, at Met Technologies we have already taken notice of these trends and made necessary changes to our services in accordance.  

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