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How can You Improve the Work Ethic of your Employees?

Motivating the employees to work more productively and be happier is a job that even the most experienced managers find challenging. The human behaviour specialists suggest personality tests to assess the potential employees. 

What can you do if you have already taken the hiring decision and need to motivate employees? 

Here are a few proven ways you can adopt to improve work ethic and performance of the employees. 

Communicate Expectations and Goals

If you fail to communicate your goals and expectations clearly to the employees, they will never understand your expectation. Employees prefer to have a compelling future, want to know the things that are most significant at work and what exactly excellence looks like. 

Communicate the information and the expectations clearly and regularly. 

You certainly want the targets to be meaningful as well as effective to motivate employees and to get the job done, things must be tied to bigger organizational objectives. 

Encourage Open and Honest Communication

Honest and open communication is one of the prime ingredients in the running of any successful organization. If you want to create a work environment where the employees are united and focused, you need to allow them to speak up. To help the employees communicate openly and honestly, take the initiative yourself. 

You can get an insight of the way things are going using suggestion boxes, surveys and team meetings. 

Know the Employees

It helps if you know your employees. The Managers need to know the employees well and knowledge of just the bare essentials is no longer enough. Know the goals, aspirations, social life and the hobbies of the employees as well. This will help to relate better and increase the trust. 

Integrate HR Shared Service

HR shared services are one of the most popular organisational responses to creation of more effective service delivery. Multiple activities are possible to be covered by HR shared services. This includes

•    Payroll change
•    Relocation service
•    Recruitment administration
•    Pension administration 

There are several advantages of HR shared services 

•    Saves money
•    Adds consistency to service
•    Aid in quickly reacting to business change

Employees leave a company owing to the Manager and not the organisation. Make sure you are radiating commendable values, creating a difference. 

MET Technologies is to acquire positive business driven outputs and quality solutions for each and every client.

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Top 5 Current USPs of the HR Shared Services

Like all other business streams, HR functions are also undergoing major facelifts for closing the gap with the present business requirements. HR shared services are offering responsive, client focused, consistent and cost-effective services to the entire organisation. Top 5 HR shared services trends and Unique Selling Points have been discussed below.

1. Self-service

By now, most companies follow the trend of employee self-service. Still in special cases the self-services for new, current or retirees offer basic data change options for insight in where to search for the availability of relevant policies and personal data. Still now most of the companies have not extended these services to a wider audience base.

2. First and only point of contact

By now, most organisations have some kind of back office functions specifically focusing upon the HR services tasks. Often these back office functions are organised by the site or the country. Multiple companies are realising the potential of expertise and the capacity of HR transactional tasks. Some are trying to put all such tasks under the heading of Global HR shared service. Such an entity can operate as the first and the single point of contact for both the employees and the managers to successfully solve all queries and tasks related with HR.

3. Integrated services

There is a need to advance the quality of actual services offered by the HR division. Most of the medium to large companies have dedicated entities for payrolls regardless of the fact that it is an in-house or out-sourced service division. Some of the basic admin and data functions of HR division are also the part of the service organisation. However, the highly focused HR service organisations leverage the entire potential of the service organisation. It offers the widest scope that is available in the entire gamut of services.

4. Leveraging advanced technology

For the past years HR is leveraging systems and tools to other service sectors. The HRIS landscape is composed of a robust business system. It includes a dedicated HR system and the HR modules. Such modules and systems are attached with best in the market add-ons. Mostly the talent, reward and learning sectors are dealt upon by the HR system and the module.

5. Data analytics

One of the major trends in the HR shared services is the introduction of data and analytics. In simple words data analytics ng but fact based management of people. Regarding the perforis nothimance management and the executive reward programmes, the principles of data analytics are used in the HR system.

MET Technologies is to acquire positive business driven outputs and quality solutions for each and every client.

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Top 7 Benefits of HR Shared Services

Human resource is very significant aspect of an organisation and has several functions which are incorporated inside a single power-packed capsule. From recruitment to performance measurement and transition or termination processes, there are many intermediary functions that need to be carried away in highest possible expertise. Basic objective of HR shared services is to achieve the perfect operational effectiveness via organised shift of internal services. Efficacy of HR shared services is visible in middle to large sized enterprises having overseas locations.

Benefits of HR shared services

* For any and every problem, you get solution from recentralized HR functions thereby translating into your one-stop shop. There are various sectors of HR shared services and one of them is Business Transformation. Whether you require a solution in relation with Mentoring Programs or Change Management, you can reach HR Admin which would then redirect you to specific department.

* HR shared services are more selective and strategic because this department need not has to share the enhanced responsibilities associated with administration. That is why, as and when required, based on priorities, HR shared services undertook selective approach to complete a Job.

* The HR shared services associate requisite staffing demands after considering the availability of allotted funds. Availability of funds is contrasted with demand for expert services in that business domain and its expected value. After consulting with the specific department, HR Admin forwards the requirements for fresh recruitments.

* One of the major objectives of HR shared services is to enhance the professional approach and efficiency of various services. Such objectives are realized through streamlining the processes and separating them in particular modules. Modularization of services enhances the efficiency of services because specific actions are aimed at finishing the hands-on objectives of that module thereby reducing the chances of error in decision making or giving order and role play.

* Motto of HR shared services is to offer improved customer services even surpassing their expectations (in positive sense). As mentoring is an important feature of HR shared services, fortifying the customer service employees with excellent soft-skill proficiency is where they make the fine difference. The competitive age not only demands prompt service delivery but also tactful and polite handling of a crisis situation.

* Service-level agreements are framed after consultation with legal experts hired by the company and HR shared services play important role in framing them. This helps to keep transparency between the employees and the employers thereby also helps to avoid any legal entanglements in future. Based on internal market system, the shared services also keep records of performance monitoring procedures.

* The shared services help to keep more transparency in keeping a balance in between the market price of services and monitoring the budgets.

MET Technologies is to acquire positive business driven outputs and quality solutions for each and every client.

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