How can You Improve the Work Ethic of your Employees?

How can You Improve the Work Ethic of your Employees?

Motivating the employees to work more productively and be happier is a job that even the most experienced managers find challenging. The human behaviour specialists suggest personality tests to assess the potential employees.

What can you do if you have already taken the hiring decision and need to motivate employees?

Here are a few proven ways you can adopt to improve work ethic and performance of the employees.

Communicate Expectations and Goals

If you fail to communicate your goals and expectations clearly to the employees, they will never understand your expectation. Employees prefer to have a compelling future, want to know the things that are most significant at work and what exactly excellence looks like.

Communicate the information and the expectations clearly and regularly.

You certainly want the targets to be meaningful as well as effective to motivate employees and to get the job done, things must be tied to bigger organizational objectives.

Encourage Open and Honest Communication

Honest and open communication is one of the prime ingredients in the running of any successful organization. If you want to create a work environment where the employees are united and focused, you need to allow them to speak up. To help the employees communicate openly and honestly, take the initiative yourself.

You can get an insight of the way things are going using suggestion boxes, surveys and team meetings.

Know the Employees

It helps if you know your employees. The Managers need to know the employees well and knowledge of just the bare essentials is no longer enough. Know the goals, aspirations, social life and the hobbies of the employees as well. This will help to relate better and increase the trust.

Integrate HR Shared Service

HR shared services are one of the most popular organisational responses to creation of more effective service delivery. Multiple activities are possible to be covered by HR shared services. This includes

•    Payroll change
•    Relocation service
•    Recruitment administration
•    Pension administration

There are several advantages of HR shared services

•    Saves money
•    Adds consistency to service
•    Aid in quickly reacting to business change

Employees leave a company owing to the Manager and not the organisation. Make sure you are radiating commendable values, creating a difference.

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