5 Aspects That Impact Domain Selection

5 Aspects That Impact Domain Selection

Are you looking for ways to choose the perfect domain name that makes your business profitable? We understand the risk and how daunting the task can be. To make the work easier here are a few tips that we recorded! As experts in the business and expertise in the field for a decade, we have examined the confusion of the customers.  MET Technologies along with the Search Engine Optimization Expert observed to help the client understand the task of choosing a perfect domain for their business:

1.    Branding:

This forms the most critical aspect that rules your choice in domain name approval. The domain name is the face of the company in the form of a URL. Therefore, while choosing it to make it appear like the brand name that is easier for the customers to remember. Now the question is – how to do that? You can do that with simplicity in your approach, memorability that you can count on and novelty. It is advisable to avoid special characters like $, #. % and numbers. The insertion of such characters makes it sound unnatural and complicated at the same time.

An example – Choose names like –  workplace.com rather than choosing workplace -2-employees.com

2.    Pronunciation:

If you are convinced in choosing a name that is difficult to pronounce, it is advisable to cut down the idea immediately. Make the domain name pronounceable thus helping the customers to remember the same! Though it is correct that the users/customers/visitors are not going to say your domain name out loud, still this is an important factor to be kept in mind. The process enhances fluency and thus becomes easily accessible for the brain. Names that do not make a person overthink are easiest to remember and likely that they inspire positive impressions. The other risk is the customers/visitors may misspell your domain name since it is hard to be pronounced.

3.    Keep it short:

Both too long a domain name and too short a domain name is difficult to handle and remember. The key is to strike a perfect balance. A shorter domain name is simple and also memorable. For example, scientificfictionsforyou.com is too long whereas Scientificfiction.com would solve the purpose well. It is advisable to exclude wordiness from the domain name you are choosing. If you want to be more precise, you can use acronyms like World Wide Fund uses wwf.org. That is perfect since the organization is known as WWF throughout the world.

4.    Keyword sensibility:

Is this sounding weird? Are you thinking how keyword sensibility will help you? However, it is important to include some keywords in your domain name and help to make an impression on the user’s mind.

5. Apart from these, various factors impact your domain name – intuitiveness of the name you are using. You are allowed to append and modified if it is necessary and need of the hour. We hope these four tips will help you in choosing a valid domain name for your site. If you are juggling with a few domain name ideas, feel free to contact us and get your confusion solved!

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