BPO Service Provider in India and its Role in Customer Retention

BPO Service Provider in India and its Role in Customer Retention

Many companies generally outsource their non-core business processes to offshore locations like India, China, and other nations. Outsourcing helps to reduce the business cost, improve the overall quality of work, and reduces the time-to-market. Hence, the companies that avail of the outsourcing services stays ahead of the competitors. As per the recent survey, 85% of the U.S based companies prefer companies that offer BPO Service Provider in India, including data processing, website designing, search engine optimization, data mining, and other processes.

BPO Service’s Role in Customer Retention

As a leading business owner, you might think why you should choose India to get unmatched services. Two obvious reasons for choosing India for BPO are low prices and good turnaround times. Apart from these, India has easy governmental policies along with modern infrastructure and educated labour. Moreover, India is capable of handling complex projects as per the requirement of various clients. Below are some of the mentioned reasons why choosing India for outsourcing the services is the best choice.

  • Huge Talent Pool

India remains unmatched in terms of huge human resources. The country has an overall population of more than 1.2 billion people, and the total number of graduates in the nation is huge, and they join the BPO sector in India. It is also the largest English-speaking nation compared to U.S and U.K population in total. Along with that, the quality of the talent and services make the companies outsource more.

  • Easy Governmental Policies

The Government takes measures to promote India as a safe nation for outsourcing the task to global customers. The Government has brought the latest IT development plan for growth in the It field. Apart from these, there are strict cyber laws for controlling cybercrimes and providing the best services to global clients.

  • Flexible Packages

One of the major reasons why international clients choose India is due to the affordable packages. The pricing options are comparatively lower as compared to the companies based in the developed nations. For example, a skilled and experienced software developer generally charges 50-60 dollars each hour, but a bpo service provider in India works at 15 dollars per hour. This price difference helps the clients to make a huge profit if they choose India as their outsourcing partner.

  • No Such Communication Barriers

In India, there is no such language or communication barrier present as it is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world. India is quite fluent in speaking English, which encourages many companies to choose India as the outsourcing partner.

  • A Committed Team

In India, most of the BPO companies have committed people who work on the projects. Most companies make their employees work for 8 hours or, at times, even more when there is a particular deadline to submit the task.

  • India Has The Best IT Infrastructure.

Currently, India is one of the largest growing economies globally that work using the latest technologies and helping various sectors. The outsourcing companies in India help clients deliver the best and timely solutions when demanded; it can be simple data entry services or complex data analysis tasks. Almost all the BPO services in India have good internet bandwidth and provide constant support to the clients 24×7.

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When the clients choose the Indian companies as their outsourcing partner, they get lots of benefits like the international working level, improved efficiency, and low prices. The workers here are skilled and experienced, and they always try to meet the clients’ expectations.

Indian BPO Sector Knows the Importance of Customer Retention

In the current day’s global economy factor, the total number of businesses in India has increased, and they mainly focused on the customer retention process. Why might the question come to mind why Indian companies are focusing on the customer retention process? It shows that customer retention has helped the companies to get new clients seven times more than normal. By choosing the BPO in India, you can easily engage your clients and generate high-quality leads.

For a business, building and maintaining a good customer base is quite a difficult task. However, retaining existing customers becomes one of the major factors to keep your business ahead in the race. A  BPO in India will help customer retention by understanding the inherent values to provide the best customer care support. It also helps maximize retention by improvising the latest strategies by designing and enhancing the existing client relationship and saving resources, cost, and time.

Important Reasons for Customer Retention

Various Reasons Indicate That Customer Retention Is Crucial, And They Are-

  • With the customer retention process, the business can maintain existing and new customers at a low rate than acquisition.

  • The process also helps in keeping the customers for a long period and also increases the overall revenue.

  • The customer retention process helps keep the clients happy by providing the best customer support with new referrals every time.

The BPO service provider maintains customer retention by implementing strategies that help in minimizing the customer attrition rate, launching customized promotional and loyalty plans, giving depth knowledge on how a product or the service can be promoted for enhancing high yield, and so on.

The importance of long-term customer relationships cannot be denied, so businesses should invest in them. Effective customer retention will help businesses to get more clients than before. Want to increase business revenue? Call Met Technologies to achieve your goals in an affordable yet effective way.

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