Top 6 Website Design Trends to Follow

Top 6 Website Design Trends to Follow

There are plenty of website design trends that are floating all over the internet nowadays. The design of websites is continually getting changed and evolving its way through the world’s various tastes. This is why it has become the most essential aspect to consider in terms of keeping up with the advanced styles and designs of websites. Successful BPO companies in India are following these trends to cope up with the ever-changing market.

Mobile-first optimization

Obviously, this is something not new to us. With more and more people getting access to smartphones for the last few years. This is why a huge number of visitors are visiting websites from their phones. For this reason, a website is needed to be fully optimized for smartphones, and traditional devices.

Increased white space

White space is the part of a website page having no text and or images whatsoever. A few years back, white space was something that was a complete no-no. with more people discovering the benefits of leaving enough white space, it is now becoming the latest trend. Having white space on a website page does improve the overall user experience. However, having white space does not mean that it needs to be white, rather it should be empty.


Storytelling is something that has been influencing the technology sector. Companies are getting started with connecting their audience with engaging stories, making them feel compelled to purchase a product. You can use animation, voice stories, compelling diagrams for telling their stories using the websites.

Interactive design

Users tend to get attracted to websites that have interactive features in them. A visitor is more likely to spend their time on the site that is filled with interactive elements, information about plugins, products’ and services’ clear descriptions. This will help you to attract more customers with a unique and attractive, interactive website design.

Bright Colors

Website colour is one of the potential tools when it comes to website design. If your website has bright and catchy colours, it would be easier for you to keep your prospective customer busy with your site, leading your website to gain more website visitors.

Integrated, yet not intensive video

A few website owners are starting to rely on this unique and effective feature, auto-playing video. There are websites that are implementing this scheme in the form of video place in the header, which keeps playing automatically when a visitor arrives on that page. Instead of preventing other information placed on the screen, this auto-playing video feature tends to play in a manner so that it can attract new users and that too without making it difficult to navigate. If you are a new or start-up business and trying to make a solid online presence in the contemporary market, you will probably want to follow these trends of website design. At Met Technologies, we are reasonable for creating the best quality website for your business to grow and have a strong presence online.

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