Everything You have to Know About BPO Call Centre Software

Everything You have to Know About BPO Call Centre Software

BPO call centre software can be defined as a tool that helps call centres optimize and automate their business actions. The demand for such software is high because it saves a lot of money, time and other assets by business process management (BPM). For instance, it is better to utilize a CRM tool to automate data entry of contact details and depend on doing it manually. Simultaneously, it is better to use an autodialer to speed things up than call up prospects individually.

Nonetheless, organizing your business services is not everything that the BPO call centre software does.

Today, companies that provide BPO services in Kolkata also use these tools to improve the customer experience simultaneously.

Call centre solutions are nothing less than phone systems that help answer tons of client calls to address their queries and problems quickly and easily. Learn more about how the call centres utilize various types of BPO software.

Types of BPO Call Centre Software

On-Premise Software

This is a software installed in the office, which is similar to an auto-dialler set-up at the call centre. It involves setting up the hardware and infrastructure needed to utilize the office’s tool. It can be things like branch exchanges, phones, and direct lines. The technical support team looks after the installation and maintenance requirements in maximum cases. The on-premise software saves the data in-house because it is not needed to share with third-party service providers. One can also select the upgrades and updates when installing and maintaining them.

On-premise software has a high on-front cost because you need to manage the hardware and infrastructure costs.

Cloud-Based Software

Most BPO companies in India use this software hosted in the cloud by a service provider. According to their convenience, one can use the software by computer or via phone. For instance, a CRM tool is where the data is stored and retrieved through the internet is a cloud-based tool.

It has lower maintenance cost because a third-party service provider looks after its maintenance. Besides, all the data are available online, and one can access it anytime from anywhere through multiple devices. Thus, it allows creating a fantastic virtual call centre where agents are located at various corners of the world.

Browser-Based Software

It bears similarity to all cloud-based call centre solutions. However, the difference is that the users can access the software from their web browsers too. Even though it provides the same benefit as cloud-based software, it is easier to implement and use. It is also regarded as a cost-effective solution because you have the scope to select from different prepaid plans. Nevertheless, they need a good internet connection and generally do not come with a local data storage facility.

Finally, it needs to be understood that the type of software you need entirely depends on the call centre requirements and set-up.

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