Everything You Need To Know About Logo Design Services in India

Everything You Need To Know About Logo Design Services in India

McDonald’s golden arches or Nike’s Check sign- here are two iconic logo designs that are unique and have proven the test of time. Without any doubt, a brand’s logo design is one of the important tools that helps develop a brand’s identity.

If you are tempted to choose generic and free logo design sites, hold on! Your logo plays an important role in your business branding, and hence, you should first think and then choose.

Many of our clients at Met Technologies invest a specific amount of time and effort to create a logo design that reflects their brand. Before focusing on any advertising art or a creative image, it becomes important to invest in logo design.

Without any doubt, there is more than just attracting the audience when designing a logo. In this blog, you will know the importance of this branding factor and how designing a logo will help keep your brand establish its identity right from the beginning.

Know the Power of Logo

In business, no one can specifically emphasize a single reason to design a logo. Whether you are having a small business or an established brand, a good and well-designed logo offers a wide range of benefits to a venture.

  1. Identity- a logo will help to establish the identity of a brand. It also establishes the first impressions of a brand in the eyes of the clients. This step is very important as it helps set up a frame of mind towards the business even before they start to buy products or avail the services.
  2. Symbolism- A logo symbolizes what the brand is all about and what it promises to its customers. Thus, you might notice that most businesses redesign their logo as they expand and update their goals.
  3. Integration– a logo generally integrates the marketing efforts and provides a standard look to its visuals.

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Check Out Logo Design Guidelines

You can either use the best logo maker software or hire a professional logo designer to design a perfect brand logo. However, when designing a logo, you should keep in mind the guidelines for creating an impressive logo. Here are some of the factors to keep in mind.

Selling Proposition

There is an obvious reason why those free logo design software are not up to the mark. A logo reflects the brand’s unique selling proposition or USP. So, it is very important to design a logo keeping in mind the aims and objectives of a brand.


There are various types of logos available, and each one of them works differently. Here are some common types you should know about-

  • Lettermarks– it is also known as a monogram; while designing this logo, the expert needs the company’s initials.
  • Wordmarks– it is also called the logotype, and it uses the brand’s name as the logo
  • Picture marks– this type is called the logo symbols; while designing this logo, professional use images to represent the brand
  •  Combination- this design is the combination of symbol, watermark, and pictorial mark together.

Request a Logo Design from Met Technologies

We are one of the reputed companies that provide logo and graphic design services in India. We understand and focus on our client’s’ demands and thus try to deliver the best within the time given. We have a team of logo designers who specifically develop a brand’s logo that reflects the idea behind the business.

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