Google Recently Launched Android 11- Everything You Want To Know

Google Recently Launched Android 11- Everything You Want To Know

Google officially declared to release the latest android version- Android 11 a few days back. This android version will be available on Google’s Pixel phones and accessible on Xiaomi Mi 10 series, Realme X50 Pro, Oppo Find X2 series, and many more. With several updates available in this version, it helps make multitasking easier and provides more privacy control to users. This android version has a less cluttered interface and has an in-built screen recording.

As most of the mobile devices have larger RAM size, they can easily run this android version. Android 10 works on mobile devices having less than 1.5 GB of RAM; however, Android 11 will need to have a minimum of 2 GB of RAM or less. This version will highlight some important features like- content capture, predictive tools, device control, privacy, security, conversations, and accessibility.

Some of the Latest Features of Android 11 Version That You Should Know Are:-


The primary use of any phone is a conversation, and Android 11 now provides notifications from any chat app into a personalized individual section at the top of the notification list, called “Conversations.” It helps you select a chat and make it as the “Priority Conversations,” and Google will be firm on notifications from this conversation section. With this feature, you can get, respond, and control all the conversations in one place. You can select people with whom you want to chat. The priority conversations will show up on your lock screen. So, you will never miss anything important.

  • Bubbles– is one of the important features of ‘conversations’; the texting chat will become a bubble and float over other apps. This feature was previously available on Facebook Messenger but now can be used for other apps.
  • Do not disturb– this helps you customize the settings and allow apps to notify you despite ‘DND.’
  • Notifications– now, it has become easier to help and manage notifications.

Built-in Screening

Finally, Android 11 has released its built-in feature that will help you to record what is happening on your screen. Earlier, for doing this, you required a third-party app on your phone. But, now, you can do this with the Android version itself.

Media Controls

The Media Control player is not present in the notification area, but it is placed in the quick setting section as a tool but not as a notification. The media control changes its size depending upon how you decide to view notifications and makes it easier to switch media settings from Bluetooth to Headphones. You can easily switch from headphones to the speaker without missing a second. With Android 11, you can change the device that the media plays on.

Security and Privacy

It is one of the main concerns for all mobile users. Android 11 has brought a few changes in app permission. For example, earlier, you had to only give app permission for camera or location of “All the Time” or “Only While Using App,” but now you can choose to allow it only one time.

Improved Accessibility

The voice access in Android 11 is now faster with improved versions. The hands-free mode works great offline and does not need to have an online connection, thus enabling better accessibility. Another added feature is the braille keyboard. You can now write messages from this keyword without using any software.

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