Have You Considered the Advantages of Android App Development? Here is What You Need to Know

Have You Considered the Advantages of Android App Development? Here is What You Need to Know

If you are searching for a way to take your business to the next level, app development is the best way to do it. Today app development is no more limited to the established companies, but a start-up company can also develop their app for business growth and development. When it comes to app development, the choice ultimately falls between Android and iOS. Also, this decision can influence the success or failure of the app significantly.

Whether you are not confident about developing an app or confused between Android and iOS, this post will guide you in making the right decision for the benefit of your business.

Key Advantages of Android App Development

  1. Bigger market

    When you are thinking of building a mobile app to reach your target audience, it is significant to focus on the platform that has the highest number of users. One needs to understand that the global market domination of Android is more than iOS. Moreover, it is there in maximum vendor’s devices plus it tends to be more affordable compared to iPhones. That is why Android retains 70 to 80% global market share in the last five years.

    At the same time, Android mobile devices product can be deployed in several manner that provides brand to reach their target audience via various channels. Beside Google Play Store, AppGratis, MoboMarket, Amazon Appstore plus other third-party app market platforms, they will be able to create individual sales and distribution channels.

  2. Profitability

    Nowadays, Android apps can be in par with iOS apps in almost every categories, both in preliminary app-downloads as well as in in-app purchases. A significant perk of Android’s bigger user base is that it offers the scope of enjoying high ad revenue. Here, the expense of advertising are low, which allows to use the saved money on advertising more on Android devices. All you need is to hire app development services in India from any reputed company that will help you achieve your business goals.

    Also, the Android developers are needed to pay only one-time registration fees for the distribution of the application. Following that they are able to build and test the product in any computer or smartphone. It makes certain of low investment and higher engagement amidst the users. Simultaneously, end-users enjoy quality product and the companies enjoy higher ROI.

  3. Google Play Store

    A great benefits of apps and games set out in Google Play Store is they become available to the users within hours. When it comes to App Store, it takes many days to get approved and become available to the users. The other advantage of Google Play Store is that you can push updates by 20 minutes to hours. It makes Android more appropriate for new apps and games where the developers may require it to polish and fix glitches and update several number of times in a week. The added bonus is the capability to upload apps directly onto the developer’s personal devices for testing or play for free.

The above-mentioned points are just the few of the several other advantages of Android platform. It is recommended to research more before making any decision. However, it cannot be denied that Android is the best platform out there to develop your first business app.

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