How Coronavirus Pandemic impacted the BPO Industry in India

How Coronavirus Pandemic impacted the BPO Industry in India

Coronavirus had impacted all businesses globally, and the effect was adverse. Most of the countries were in the state of nationwide lockdown, and few were in the state of recovering phase to start partially by taking lots of safety measures. Scientists say that it took more than a year for companies to recover from the pandemic situation, and some could not again come back due to the second hit in December in some places. The global outsourcing industry and BPO, KPO and ITES, got heavily impacted due to the recent pandemic.

With businesses either closed, having the operations reduced, many companies have witnessed a large reduction in the volume of the total workload. The outsourcing industry has to face certain challenges and adopt measures to overcome the situation to let them come back to the original situation. The BPO Industry in India is no exception. The companies that offer outsourcing services in India have gone through certain changes that helped boost sales and improve growth.

Challenges Faced by The Outsourcing Companies

Below are some of the major challenges that the outsourcing industry in 2020 had faced; let’s have a look-

  • Overall reduction in the volume of work throughout the BPO sector during the pandemic crisis is one of the biggest challenges for small and medium-sized outsourcing agencies. Many small BPO companies in Kolkata are closed or run their operations within a limited manner. The experts thought that if this condition prevailed for more than a year, these companies might face shutdown and go through huge losses. But, slowly, the situation came under control, and companies slowly tried to recover. Some have started the concept of a flexible working atmosphere, whereas some opt for the ‘Work from Home’ module.
  • The economic halt from the COVID pandemic and the subsequent recession caused the clients to stall the payments or even default. This affected the outsourcing companies to have a steady cash flow and pay dues on time.
  • The home-based working model is something that the BPO companies will find difficult to succeed. As work efficiency will decrease for employees, the major reason is that working from home will bring out results lesser than the traditional office working module. Other factors include that most employees do not have sufficient infrastructure that businesses may need to facilitate fast and smooth workflow.
  • Home-based work will also pose a security risk of confidential information that the BPO industries have to deal with. While the larger companies might have tough security policies and training programs, the small businesses have to adapt to those.

To combat all these situations, the BPO industry in India should start to strategically reduce the unnecessary costs, mainly where no ROI is generated. Such cost reduction will decrease the overall operational cost without firing the employees. Furthermore, to reduce security risks, the BPO industries should plan security protocols that will be implemented, and the home-based employees should be trained on the protocols.

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