How You Can Experience the Changing Landscape in The BPO Industry

How You Can Experience the Changing Landscape in The BPO Industry

Due to the constant change in the regulations, changing markets, business needs and political situations, various industries are in constant issues. Business process outsourcing or the BPO is not the exception at all. Various factors are affecting the face of BPO companies in Kolkata and other parts of the world. The advent of AI or Artificial Intelligence, the rise of the virtual workforce, and the emergence of the new hubs in this sector will complicate this BPO industry.

How The AI or The Artificial Intelligence Affects The BPO Industry

Automation will further substitute the low skilled jobs in the future, and it is seen that the can centre agents will get replaced by intelligent computers and answering machines. We have already witnessed the result of using AI in customer service; chatbots have already started to pop up when opening the website.

Facebook has already used the chatbots in the Messenger Apps. These bots are efficient and affordable compared to manual tasks and can effectively scan the host of databases to get the results and even from previous interactions. The bots can be easily replicated and interact with multiple people simultaneously, which reduces the cost of the office space and staffing. The call center agents have around 70% chance to get replaced by the process of automation.

The Growth of Virtual Agents and Home-Based Agents

Several technologies might take away many jobs from the BPO industry in the upcoming future, but it is now making the life of the BPO employees easier than ever. Several improvements in the call center software and technology infrastructure have made the task much easier for working from home. As a result, several companies hoosing this process, and it reduces the cost of overall operations that include the office space, equipment cost and electricity. At the same time, it increases customer and employee satisfaction.

The rise of various crowdfunding platforms like Freelancer and Upwork have also been added to the list. The combined share of both of these companies is around 12% of the BPO industry. With the increase in the gig economy, the market shares of these freelancing platforms are expected to enlarge in the upcoming days. Various small IT projects working in these platforms and clients also find it easy to get trained professionals. The main concern in these conditions is to maintain the quality of the work produced.

The 2/3 Indian Cities Are Becoming the Hubs

The larger metropolitan cities in India have become quite oversaturated with BPO companies. Apart from this, with the area’s rocketing prices and electric costs, it has become difficult to manage the BPO sector successfully. However, many companies outside of India are trusting the companies in India for outsourcing for various reasons.

Most of the bpo companies in Kolkata have a large employee base; the city has a large population who can speak English. They are dedicated and also skilled towards their task.

Met Technologies is one of the best companies that offer BPO services in Kolkata, and many companies globally outsource their projects to Met Technologies. This company follows all the latest technologies and stay updated on the current tech alterations.

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