Latest Trends That You Can Witness In Outsourcing Industry in 2021-2022

Latest Trends That You Can Witness In Outsourcing Industry in 2021-2022

For the last few decades, India has been one of the most preferred outsourcing countries for IT services by several western nations. This is not just for the customer support and BPO shown in the mainstream media, but there are also other reasons behind it. We all know that India is a hub of tech companies, and several organizations across the globe are relying on the BPO industry in India for tech support. Whether it is for product engineering, growth hacking, crafting several digital experiences, or having a complete digital transformation, these IT companies based in India have been delivering the best.

It is not just the quality and support of IT services delivered or the package rate; there are so many other reasons that make India one of the most sought-after destinations for outsourcing. In the current year and the upcoming year, businesses witness major trends in the BPO industry. If you are one of them who want to outsource your IT and tech services to Indian companies, here are the points that you must check-

Trend 1- Businesses Are Increasing Their Outsourcing Budget

The companies who are looking for IT services, the quality has overtrumped the quantity in 2021. They will now prioritize the process over the package. Hence, several companies have started to increase their IT outsourcing budget this year. As per the National Outsourcing Association report, 2020, quality will be the main driving force in the outsourcing channel. As there is a talent crunch all over due to the coronavirus outbreak, most companies are looking for agencies to outsource their software development services. In this scenario, the software developers have also increased the hourly rates for the developing job. For hiring the best talent, the companies have to increase the outsourcing budget too.

Trend 2- Asian and Pacific Countries Are Popular Outsourcing Destinations

Earlier to 2020, new competition keeps on arising in the outsourcing industry. Several countries like Belarus, Poland, Romania and Ukraine were the tough competitors looking for opportunities to spot India, China and other outsourcing leaders from the list. However, this pandemic has comparatively slowed down the process. From the above point, it is clear that quality has taken over the other factors; companies are now shifting their focus to the companies they have trusted before. As a result, companies choose countries like India, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam for outsourcing, and among all of them, India comes to the top.

Due to the huge outsourcing demand and the budget shifting, the companies are turning their attention to the Pacific and Asian nations. Companies located in these regions have a stronghold due to the low-cost outsourcing services yet high-quality delivery on time.

Trend 3- Digital Outsourcing Is Booming Now

The 2020 pandemic has taught us one thing- humans are affected mentally and physically by various factors, but technology is immune to such changes. Besides, the world is geared to the digital model and might be in the upcoming days; the bots will replace humans in various sectors. Therefore, in 2022, you will witness that large companies will be turning towards the digital outsourcing model that will protect them from the sudden changes in the outsourcing industry in India due to pandemics.

The lockdown crisis in 2020 last brought several changes in the IT industry and outsourcing. Want to outsource your front and back-office IT support to Indian BPO companies? Choose Met Technologies, one of India’s trusted and recognized BPO companies serving national and international clients.

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