Right Time and Methods to Grow your PPC Ad Campaigns

Right Time and Methods to Grow your PPC Ad Campaigns

Domain of digital marketing is filled with creative impressions and paid search or pay-per-click is not an exception. Hands-on analytical methods are applied to increase the click-through rate giving in successful business. The mettle of an expert digital marketer is proved when he is not afraid of trying new things. Sometimes waiting for too long may pose dangers. If a digital marketer waits for the rollout of latest AdWords features, your competitors may eat away chunk of its benefits. End of pay-per-click campaigns is shallow and if you have already started off a campaign then here are some tips to grow them further.

Right time to Grow your PPC Campaign

At early stages of a PPC Campaign, digital marketers employ certain steps like repetitive creation and testing of ad variations or tweaking both the keywords and copies. At one point, you would see that few of your ads are giving desired results. Have you noticed some clear indicators to grow your campaign?

• Increasing Click-through rates:

In the year 2015, a survey conducted by Wordstream proved that click-through-rates differ with various industries and it varied from 1.35 to 3.4 percents. On an average, it was1.91 percent and to score near this mark or above it is a good thing. Higher click-through-rates indicate higher quality score thereby reducing your expenditure on per-clicks. If you are saving money then you need to re-invest it on further campaigns.

• Better Quality Scores

Scoring above 5 and nearing about 10 is a good result on improving quality score indicating that you have improved relevancy of keywords, optimization of landing pages and improving your ad copies. In this case you need to replicate the good results to further campaigns.

• Less Expenditure and more Conversions

There are many methods to reduce expenditure on ad campaigns and increasing the rate of successful conversions. However, before jumping into new campaigns one must keep it in mind that just a few successes would not indicate that all campaigns would bring in success.

Methods to Develop your PPC Campaigns

Once you have noticed the success of your ad campaigns there are 2 ways you could further enhance your rate of success. One you could improve your existing ad campaigns or rollout fresh campaigns. Steps to improve the rate of success of your ad campaigns have been briefly discussed below.

• Implement Ad Position Targeting

Google has been tampering with placement of ads on search engine result pages. At present you will find the ads on right-side of desktops. There are very few ads on top or bottom of the pages. But this does not limit your opportunities. Once it was believed that top positions are ideal to place your ads but recent experiments have proved that keeping your ads at 3.6+ positions help you earn good revenues.

• Specific Communication with your Audience

Targeting log-tail and top-level keywords could help you target a specific section of audience. Surveys have proved that successful ad campaigns kept 50% focus on long-tail keywords. Customers who type long-tail keywords at search boxes are more likely to successfully convert than those who use more specific terms.

• Add Remarketing

Remarketing could earn much profit rather than launching a fresh ad campaign. This process is cheaper as well as offers you the audience group who has already forged relationship with you. You can use RLSA or Remarketing Lists to Search Ads to customize user-centric ad campaigns for audience who have visited your site once or at multiple times.

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