What are the Ways of Using Personalized Video Marketing for Boosting Engagement?

What are the Ways of Using Personalized Video Marketing for Boosting Engagement?

The global forecast estimation says that an average person will watch 84 minutes of online video every day this year. In such scenarios, when users consume so much of marketing videos, it is significant to make sure that your marketing strategy is effective in the current times. It is because of this reason, personalized video marketing is the key to reach your target audience.

At the same time, it needs to be remembered that 91% of the consumers will usually choose brands that recognize themselves as individuals and provide them relevant offers and recommendations. So whether you are managing an eCommerce store or running a big B2B SaaS company that assists with data analysis and business intelligence, you would want to leverage personalized video marketing to get the best out of your digital marketing strategies. So talk to the representative of the internet marketing company in India regarding this fact when they are making the marketing strategy for your company.

Personalized Video Marketing

The right definition of personalized video marketing is when businesses use data like customer satisfaction surveys, from their analytics account, CRM accounts for marketing a video for a specific group of customers.

There are different levels of personalization when it comes to marketing a video. Many times photos, locations, and names of specific people are also used for the purpose.

Advantages of Personalized Videos in a Marketing Strategy

In the current times, 87% of the companies use video as a marketing tool, which makes sense that 90% of the video marketers feel that the level of competition is very high.

So what are the Advantages of Personalized Video Marketing?

It is indeed true that personalized video marketing is an excellent instrument because it combines two significant strategies, which are personalized marketing and your complete video marketing strategy. Today, personalized marketing employs the most popular medium, which is videos and leverages personalization for boosting engagement, click-through-rates, conversions, and more.

Personalized Video Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Even though it is a fantastic marketing idea for businesses, yet it does not work exactly in the same way for everybody. It needs to be understood that B2B is an entirely different world than conventional B2B marketing. Since the target audience is filled with professionals in their field, there are high chances that these professionals are getting cold pitched on an everyday basis by either phone calls, email blasts, or via a steady stream of re-targeted ads. It is because of these reasons, personalized video marketing is not only advised, but it is necessary as 72% of the B2B consumers expect customization in the marketing they get.

Given below are some of the ways by which you can use personalized videos for your business.

·         Event Invites

Irrespective of whether you are planning a product launch, webinar or tutorial, or any other event, we strongly advise you to make the best use of video personalization.

·         Case Study Videos

This type of videos is nothing less than a blueprint of how you achieved this success for an earlier client. The point of this video is that hardly anyone will read them, yet many might think of stealing the idea as the execution is as significant as the strategy. The benefit of a good case study video is that it brings out the company’s strategic mindset and display that you know the ways to measure value.

·         Facebook Ads

It is indeed true that Facebook ads are the bread and butter of a company mainly because Facebook collects a lot of data, which is a great means to know your existing and potential customers.


In addition to these ways of using personalized videos of marketing, you can also make ‘Thank You’ videos for supporting customers after purchasing a service or product. It is also a way to make sure that your customers do not move to your competitors on the next purchase.



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