Why BPO Sector Is So Important In Overall Functioning Of Businesses in India

Why BPO Sector Is So Important In Overall Functioning Of Businesses in India

You have heard about the term- Business Process Development or BPO, right. With the growth of software and technology services worldwide, BPO service has emerged as a successful sector. In India, the BPO processes have gained much popularity, and companies worldwide are outsourcing their business needs here. Hence, the BPO sector in India is flourishing, and more and more talents are joining for better career opportunities.

What Exactly You Understand By BPO?

BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. A different company hires the organization for performing specific tasks that the hiring company needs for their business for operations.

How Has The BPO Sector Started Primarily?

At first, the BPO service started in the manufacturing department for handling specific operations that includes supply chain and core functionalities that further helps in making the final product. Following the manufacturing sector, other businesses that include commercial, non-commercial, profit, and non-profit businesses and even the government agencies started to choose the BPO industry. One of the major nations that choose BPO services from India in the United States is other nations due to fast work processes and low labor cost.

What Are The BPO Services Offered?

Almost all the BPO service providers offer multiple functions that include-

  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Quality Assurance
  • Payment Processing
  • Front Office Functions like marketing, sales, payroll, and customer relation services.

Apart from these functions, some of the back-office tasks like accounting, payroll processing, accounting, customer support sales, digital service are also outsourced to India rapidly. Some of the non-core functions that are outsourced to India are-

  • Customer services
  • Data mining
  • Financial services
  • IT operations
  • Data analytics

The Role Of BPO Services In India

The BPO sector generates huge revenue for India, and the reason is that India has a huge population of young candidates who are conversant with engineering and communication skills. Micro and small companies cannot afford to invest in the back office due to low resources for building staff and supporting functions for in-house services.

From the other perspective, an established company chooses outsourcing services to other nations like India due to lower rates. Before choosing the decisions for evaluating the outsourcing services, the management experts should strategize the benefits and disadvantages of choosing a BPO service provider. Choosing the best type of technology solutions to enable smooth workflow for BPO services is the best decision, including technology infrastructure, costs, and scope of work.

Different Types of BPO Services

There are various types of BPO services available, and they are segregated into different classification-

  1. Offshore Outsourcing- It happens when an organization contracts for services with other companies in a foreign nation.
  2. Onshore Outsourcing- occurs when an organization contracts for services offered by an organization that operates in the same nation as a hiring agency.
  3. Nearshore Outsourcing- It occurs when an organization contracts for services offered by companies depending on neighboring nations.

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