Why WordPress is the Best Website Builder?

Why WordPress is the Best Website Builder?

WordPress holds a special place among all the website building CMS platforms. It is an open source platform and over the years many new attributes have been added with it. Top 10 features of WordPress have been enlisted below that make it an exciting website building platform:

1.Show/Hide options:

Sometimes the beginners miss the screen option buttons that are located on the page of WordPress admin area. Such screen options help you to show or hide items that you are viewing currently. These screen options help you to simplify the admin pages like the post edit screen. After you simplify it, you can easily meet your workflow.

2.Multiple dashboard widget options:

When a user login for the first time, he or she is redirected to the dashboard page. For separate sections, the dashboard page is consisted of separate handy shortcuts. These shortcuts point towards various sections of the website.

3.Create links in the visual editor:

The 4.5 version of WordPress incorporated the feature of link editing inside the visual editor. Many users lately realised the utility of the new feature. Instead of pasting a link inside the pop-up box, they can now select a piece of writing and paste the URL because the Visual Editor would automatically convert it into a link.

4.Widget’s Accessibility Mode:

Some users find it difficult to use the drag and drop option to incorporate a new sidebar at the widget. WordPress has come up with an improved option for them with its accessibility mode.

5.Preview themes without activation:

Sudden change of a WordPress theme could bring in many untoward changes in the website. WordPress offers the feature of testing a new theme before activating it.

6.Edit images:

There are basic image editing options like rotating, cropping, flip images and scaling incorporated within WordPress.

7.Single post splitting:

After you add the tag inside the post, you can split it through 2 pages. When you write a lengthy post, this attribute comes in handy.

8.Embedded videos, links and multimedia:

You can paste a URL of your chosen post (from Twitter, YouTube or Instagram) and WordPress would automatically embed it.

9.Hidden secret options:

You can view the hidden master page that displays all the blog options.

10.Keyboard and markdown shortcuts:

WordPress offers you with keyboard and formatting shortcuts to give better writing experience. WordPress Website Builder is an efficient platform to Develop A Website.

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