XStore Theme: Blending the Simplicity of WordPress with Dynamic World of Ecommerce

XStore Theme: Blending the Simplicity of WordPress with Dynamic World of Ecommerce

The biggest expanding trend in the world of internet is the rapid emergence of online stores. The competition is extremely high in this field because hundreds of online stores regularly emerge. For gaining competitive advantage, the online store owned by you should be unique as well as serving your objectives appropriately. However, a blind incorporation of unique themes may backfire. Few things should always be kept under consideration.

1.Keep it familiar

It is good to keep it on safe side. Please remember not to surpass Krug’s law, ‘Don’t make me think’ and it goes in perfect tandem with user experience. Still now, users have developed a habit of using various ecommerce sites. That is why after they open your online store to search for products, they expect the buttons for wishlist, order placement, order cancellation, product replacement and checkout at positions where they are usually found.

2.Prepare your budget

It is true that unique visual effects attract visitors however, do not implement themes indiscriminately as it might cost you huge expense.

3.Keeping a tab on product line

Adding your own product images would always be helpful however they should be properly fitted within the allocated space.

4.Think mobile

More than 50 percent of visitors use mobile devices to reach online stores and that is why you should keep in mind that websites should follow the rules of responsive web design so that they optimally fit within different screen sizes.

5.Select fast and lightweight themes

An ecommerce development company should zero in on upon fast and lightweight themes. This principle bears more significance because online stores have many images and videos that take more time to load on browser than written contents.

Most of netizens are familiar with WordPress giving them solid foundation of developing their blog websites. However, the platform could be easily used to develop an ecommerce site. Emergence of XStore, a responsive WooCommerce theme could change the notions.

Ecommerce made simple, thanks to XStore

XStore is best for situations that demand quick development time to create and launch an online store. One could explore various features of this theme more easily than what could be done with others. The demos offered by XStore are trendy and modern. Most importantly, it takes care of Krug’s law of familiarity. Designed to perfection, XStore keeps in mind that every web page should display a blended look. It is no good to put in more focus upon the home page and neglecting others.

Key factor is that XStore is 100 percent compatible to WooCommerce plugin. In addition, its compatibility with Visual Composer plugin gives delightful experience to users through offers of variety options to tickle with the theme. It is also RTL ready. Following the installation tutorials, you can easily install the theme.

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